Bungo Stray Dogs Season 2 : Three Companies Conflict

Episode 5/17

“Funsō no Senryaku” (紛争の戦略)

We’ve spent the last 4 episodes in the past just to be dumped right back in the future in episode 5. The first 4 episodes surpassed everything about the original series with much more relatable and interesting characters, a wonderful tone going throughout and a story that made you pay attention.

If we have to hear how many people Kyouka has killed OR about how Atsushi grew up in a orphanage full of people that didn’t like him once in this episode, as much as I love the series, I will throw something heavy against the wall.

I was actually rather surprised by the end of the episode how much I enjoyed it. I mean I loved the first series and love the manga which I caught up with in the break between the two series but after the first four episodes of this season I was sure that I would feel a tiny bit let down by going back to the main story. As of yet we’ve been spared any of the annoying aspects of Kyouka or Atsushi. After the first part of the episode which mixed the humour and action together the rest of the episode just set up the upcoming war between the Agency, Guild and Mafia.

Time to admit that I grew very attached to all three organisations whilst reading the manga so seeing the opening credits with lots of people I love in them just made me want to cry really. When the Guild finally landed down it was one of those moments that I knew that shit was about to get real. Really real.

Apart of me feels like the episode rushed setting the war up, I don’t know why but it felt rushed but I don’t think it really was rushed. It makes me wonder what parts of the story they will keep in and which bits they’ll take out, anyone who has read the manga and knows my favourite character knows there is at least one chapter of the manga I want made into a episode but it could easily get lost or be rushed which would be disappointing. Again though I don’t know if it was rushed or if I am just imaging it.

I guess that comes from the episode being in three distinctive parts. The opening which is business as usual for the Agency, the middle which slowly brought the Guild closer and closer to the Agency and the Mafia who were in the middle of yet ANOTHER fight for Kyouka and then the end where each outfit puts their plans together for the war ahead. There were two great endings in the episode, the one where you see everyone on the floor after being defeated by the arriving Guild members and the actual ending and to be honest you could have made the beginning section longer and maybe the introduction of the Guild slightly longer and ended with that part and had a longer episode going into war. Would it have worked? I dunno but those three different sections made the episode feel rushed and not quite as good as it probably should’ve felt.

I loved the visual of the Agency, Mafia and Guild. The Agency just being normal people, Kunikida and Kenji coming to Atsushi’s aid. Then you have Kouyou surrounded by Mafia subordinates armed to the teeth looking helluva cool. When you think its about to go down between them then a strange bunch just show up and defeat them all. Again at the end you have the President Yukichi, Ougai Mori and F. Scott Fitzgerald all pictured together and it gives that sense of foreboding. Visually you are now prepared for war.

The most important thing is this…. Once more this series has made me want to run off and buy some books.


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