Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : The Golden Tracker

Episode 2

“Kiniro no Tsuiseki Sha” (金色の追跡者)

Its taken a while for me to get up to date with this one but it was on par with Bloodivores, which I handed to Luc to review, that I wasn’t too sure whether I’d like it or not but it held my interest and made me want to find out. So did episode 2 do better?

Yes and no. I really liked the story being told and how they integrated Hanasaki trying to convince Kobayashi to join the detective club into a actual case. Hanasaki is a little TOO much for me at times but when he actually gets into the case he’s fine plus it also helps when he has someone there with him whether it be Kobayashi, Akechi or Inoue.

I loved how tricky the case was but how simplistic solving it was. At first it seemed quite boring and on a first glance it looked unimportant. So what someone is making threatening letters? He isn’t sending them anywhere and it seems a big ho-ha over nothing. The relationship of Hanasaki and Kobayashi come to the forefront and then in the background there is a lot of stuff going on, someone dies and they solve the case and another side of Hanasaki appears when he’s talking to the women in question. I found his speech to her to be fascinating purely because up till that point he seemed to be just a happy go lucky kind of guy but after the telling off he gave her it was obvious there is a darker side to him.

Neither Hanasaki or Kobayashi really make sense in my head yet. There are so many layers with both of them that the simple view of over the top guy and depressed guy isn’t really fair on either.

It mixed very funny moments into it too, I loved Akechi playing the virtual reality karaoke game and Hanasaki going in to look at the guys face. It was much more upbeat then the first one and Kobayashi was seen as less of a threat. Whilst his power was still there he didn’t actually hurt Hanasaki and the worst thing he did was destroy his lunch. I’d quite like to see it be a little more serious going forward, not a lot but a little, it actually kept a good pace and kept me interested.

My main problem as you might have guessed will be the characters. It isn’t that I don’t like them or find them boring but I don’t care either. I mean I’m interested in the race that Hanasaki talks about at the end but I’m pretty sure that the making Kobayashi want to be alive side of that race is going to beat out the killing Kobayashi side and I’m REALLY interested in Akechi and seeing if he really does go up against Twenty Faces (L Place really made me crave seeing a real fight between those two) and what would happen if he does but in general I don’t really care. The first two episodes have been fun to watch but seeing its on, what, episode 4 or 5 and I’m only just watching episode 2 you can see it isn’t something that makes me care enough to watch it.


I love detective shows, I especially love detective shows that have extremely intelligent and twisty stories. Plus I think I’ll grow to love the cast but the first two episodes only niggled my interest.


One thought on “Trickster : Edogawa Ranpo “Hounen Tanteidan” Yori : The Golden Tracker”

  1. I’ve just dropped this at episode 13 because I still don’t care about any of the characters. I kept hoping they’d develop but, for me at least, the characters have remained the least interesting part of the show.

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