One Piece : Tab END

Chapter 851

Still getting over my victory in predictive powers we see the fall out from finding out the true nature of Pudding and the Tea Party…

These chapters right now just seem to go from story to story without pausing to give anything real drama.

Sanji seems to be more broken then I first thought, not even his lighter is working anymore. I don’t know if he saw what Puddings actual power was but he left, one can only hope he’s gone to tell Judge or find Luffy and he isn’t just going to bugger off and mope. The only thing we know for sure is Reiju isn’t going to be any help as Pudding has edited out her memories. Again I guess how well this news goes down to Judge who you can only imagine is going to be the person Sanji goes to is going to be based on Reiju not remembering fuck all about what happened.

Things are looking worse by the moment, though surely even Judge can’t be stupid enough to ignore the strangeness of one of his kids getting injured? I mean sure he can brush Sanji off as trying to get out of the wedding again but Judge seems like a intelligent man, a cruel and twisted ass hole, but intelligent nonetheless. Surely a flag will be raised? I will actually be disappointed in Judge if he’s not intelligent enough to do something with Reiju either shot in medical or missing completely.

Chopper and Carrot learn that they can just ask the mirrors who they are reflecting and find where they need to go, again all of their story really could have just been condensed into one chapter because its pointless having it spread out.

Brook’s big speech would have been, again, better if all of this story had been a little more compact. Big Mom is getting a lesson inΒ optimism, the best case scenario is they leave with a Poneglyph and Sanji, the worst case is they have to leave Sanji behind but what about someone being killed? Well why would they think about a plan where someone dies?! I don’t know if she’s impressed by Brook’s speech or not but I am, he thinks things logically. Sanji is a good person and if he doesn’t leave it’ll be his own decision based on what is best for those he cares most about and which can’t be changed if Luffy can’t make him come with them so the best thing they can do in return is to show Sanji that they’ll continue with their own mission. This is actually pretty accurate to how Sanji feels though downplaying the passion in which Luffy lives by the motto “No Crew Member Left Behind” because he literally will not leave without his family there with him.

This is all leading me to believe that it won’t be Luffy that defeats Big Mom but Big Mom herself.

She’s gonna get a taste of Germa 66 and I feel we the fans are going to be disappointed because Judge will have to join forces with the Straw Hats to defeat her and her army and keep his secrets to cloning safe, this means there is little chance that Sanji is going to beat the living hell out of Judge and more of a chance that we’re going to see some sort of respect maybe, if not respect then at least just a parting of ways between Sanji and his blood relatives. I don’t see it being a fight between the Vinsmokes and the Straw Hats anymore and I feel like when Judge see’s Luffy and Sanji in force, two parts of the Monster Crew, he’ll begrudgingly have to see some of the strength of Sanji and the Straw Hats. I doubt it’ll be a big thing but I see them just leaving it and Judge continuing in life believing his son is dead to the world. Maybe some of his siblings will change their attitude to him but I doubt Judge will.

Not sure if that will be a good ending to this or not though. I so badly want to see Judge get his ass kicked but if it comes to it and we have to see Sanji save their asses and work with them with his crew to bring down Big Mom then I guess it could work but it won’t be as cool as Sanji getting revenge.

That being said I’m also not sure I like the idea of Big Mom going down to half the crew plus a vicious bunch of crazy dicks like the Germa. I mean the downing of the first Yonko is going to be a big deal and to do it with only Luffy, Nami, Brook, Chopper and Sanji will be slightly annoying. I don’t see the Straw Hats being able to escape anymore, I don’t see Germa leaving peacefully and I really don’t see Big Mom standing at the end of this all but its just a little sad that the downing of the Yonko is going to probably have to half be credited to Germa. Then again there is still a few other options that could come about.

Plus with all this I have forgotten to mention the best part of the chapter.

It looks like Luffy won’t need to rip his hands off because at the last minute he gets help from someone I had all but forgotten was on the island at this moment. That’s right Jinbe shows up and is going to free Luffy. Well at least that is something!


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