One Piece : Ray of Hope

Chapter 850

I didn’t really like chapter 849 much, I didn’t feel it had the emotional impact on me it probably should. At least there is the feeling that things are moving forward.

We start with what we probably should have had in the last chapter. Explanations on the Mirror World. After all the chapter was named Bropper in Mirror Land yet I was left kinda scratching my head. It seems that they can go in and out of the mirrors as long as they are in contact with Brulee who at the moment is knocked out, they are using Diesel to try and find Sanji but want to wake Brulee up for her help. Now that doesn’t sound like the smartest idea in the world.

That all doesn’t matter though because…. Ahem….


Pudding IS evil, I knew it was too good to be true! The goodbye? It wasn’t because she told Luffy she would hurt herself its because she told Luffy what is going to happen, Luffy is now super pissed and trying to rip his own hands off to escape. Sanji overhears Pudding telling Reiju the whole plan, Sanji is going to be shot and Big Mom will steal all the secret science stuff from Germa.



Judge needs to sort his shit out and with Sanji still free and I’m guessing Pudding not knowing that he overheard her bragging to the captured Reiju I’m guessing he’s going to find out sooner then later what is going to happen. The next question though is whether or not they are going to believe Sanji and if they do whether or not they care enough. I mean lets face it they are stubborn and extremely full of themselves, they don’t think Big Mom is going to be able to beat their army so why not go along with the plan of killing Sanji just to leave sticking two middle fingers up to her? Then again will Sanji go to Judge first or try and find and free Luffy first? Will Chopper get to Sanji before he does anything else?

Big Mom is so freakin’ cool, this has all been set up to rid herself of some of her biggest rivals as well as loading herself up with a clone army and its worked perfectly. Pudding’s acting can still save Big Mom’s day because after all who is going to believe Sanji over Pudding? With the whole family behind her it isn’t going to be hard to hide Reiju from them all.

As for Luffy his simple mindedness once more makes me go all warm and fuzzy all over. HE doesn’t seem to realise that handless he’s going to be useless to everyone but it doesn’t matter to him, he’d rather pull his hands off then die where he is. I love Nami’s reaction to him telling her to pull her hands off too.

I hope now that there can be a real character development moment for Sanji in realising that a book can’t be judged by its cover and going all gooey over a female is silly. I’m just happy I’m right even though it broke the last piece of Sanji he had left.


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