One Piece : Bropper in Mirrorland

Chapter 849

Pretty sure things couldn’t get too much worse for the Straw Hats at this point but at some point there needs to be a change in the tides….

The Germa 66 guys need to be careful. It seems that Judge’s big plan is to take Pudding hostage after the marriage, keeping her on Germa he thinks is going to strength his hold on Big Mom knowing full well that any kind of threat on Sanji isn’t going to effect them…. I’m not too sure any kind of threat on Pudding is going to effect Big Mom either though and I’m not sure Germa 66 realise that actually Big Mom’s army might just be the match for them they don’t want to think about.

At the end of the chapter we see Reiju in a total mess so again I think Judge needs to rethink his shit.

When it comes to Chopper and Carrot their adventure is just crazy. Basically they escape by destroying Brulee’s house, the Carrot dangling over a stew pot was actually a frog and they just make a mess and destroy everything before deciding they can now travel anywhere through the mirrors. Surely they could have done that to begin with? Is it because Brulee is knocked out or something they think they can now get out via the mirrors? I don’t know but it was a bit funny and that is about it.

The chapter as a whole is a bit of a moving forward point for all the stories. We get to see just how much Big Mom prizes this Tamatebako as she personally goes to stop Brook, Sanji is worried about Pudding who hasn’t shown up for a lunch date so decides to cook for her and Pedro is coming face to face with Baron Tamago but we learn the sad truth that Big Mom took 50 years from Pedro’s life and it looks like he doesn’t think he’ll return to the Minks anyway so being asked to be bait plays into his own plans.

I don’t know the Pedro stuff feels like a twist that wasn’t needed, I’m not really that attached to Pedro to care about his lifespan or his backstory, I feel like they needed to do a little more work on him as a character before we’d care. The whole robbery story just feels like it was forgotten about or maybe that the sneaking went on too long and then it was all pointless anyway as everyone knew they were there and now its being rushed along. I can’t see why Brook would survive Big Mom so he’s going to be captured but as she see’s him as a incredible creature then he’s not going to be imprisoned with Luffy and Nami and I don’t see why Big Mom would play fair, even if Sanji knew that Brook was on the island too and that he’d been captured he has no foot to stand on if he then finds out Brook is being kept in a giant book of incredible creatures. So the next step with Brook is going to be interesting but I feel will make little sense too.

As for Chopper and Carrot I knew that being in the land of mirrors would end up meaning they’d have a bigger role to play in all this. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t just go and find Sanji to begin with or at least do something more then run away, that world looks huge yet we’re meant to believe that them running around like idiots it was easier for Brulee to capture them then for them to find Sanji or some way out? I just don’t get it and feel again like it was a rushed way to get Brulee out of the way and give Chopper and Carrot the advantage for their team.

Whilst the chapter was interesting it also kind of didn’t have the impact I think it was meant to have. This is the turning point but for me it highlighted all the weaker parts of the story from Judges bad planning all the way down to how boring some of the side stories/characters are.

At least it ended on a cliffhanger I CAN care about. What the hell happened to Reiju?


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