Still Open All Hours : Episode 3

Another day in the life of Granville, selling his wares to unwitting customers and being…. Reeled in by Mrs Featherstone.

This episode felt much more my cup of tea. It started with Granville having to come up with a good story to sell Gastric something random, ended with a whole clientele of green tongued people hoping to find their Wambo and didn’t have too many stories not getting enough time and attention to really feel like they’d been finished.

Granville was amazing in this episode. Usually he is all sweetness to Madge but this time out he was as mean to her as she was to him which was just hilarious. The relationship between them two and Mavis has gotten more and more dynamic but I don’t know if we’ll ever get a real pay off with it. Then again him one day winning would be a good thing! The hissing from Madge was the best thing. Long gone are the days when Granville was simply trying to turn Madge’s head with Gastric and here are the days of all out way with Mavis in between. I hope they have a few more moments against each other like this. Not only was his battle with Madge fantastic but his story telling, lying and weedling out of things was right back to his best.

Then again it was his battle with Mrs Featherstone that made the episode. Mr Newbald is slowly being forgotten and her attempts to woo Granville was stepped up a gear, she even got him in a secluded place all on her own. Stephanie Cole is amazing and the moment she steps on screen she takes your attention, out of everyone in this show she’s the one with the comic timing to really give David Jason a run for his money. The Night Dress/Broccoli talk was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on TV. Granville is truly running scared now.

Away from the shop we still get some fun and games with the boys deciding they need a bit of action. Of course it all backfires for them, everything always backfires for them.

It was such a fun episode and felt like it went back to basics. Fights with the tills, witty back and forths and just a innocent feel to it all the way through. Spending more time in the shop is a good thing for the episodes with one small story going on outside of it. The boys are hilarious in their quest to get some love from their women, though not sure Mr Newbold wants love or just to be left alone, and their failing was written in the stars.

Then again you have to wonder what secluded kind of street they are living on that none of these adults seem to realise that some sweets turn your tongue green! They are way too worried about a green tongue!

Best episode so far this season for me!


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