Death Note : Confession

Episode 13

“Kokuhaku” (告白)

L and Light are working together. Only because it stops the finger being pointed at Light and L wants to catch the second Kira.

The second Kira being Misa Amane with her Shinigami Rem…

My dislike for Misa continues. Thought she is a much more intelligent character then she looks at first.

She sends diary entries to the task force to give Kira a idea of when they could meet up. Light thinks he can out think the new Kira and find their identity easy, he asks Ryuk if two Shinigami’s would talk to each other in front of their humans and he basically tells him that its up to the Shinigami but he won’t be telling Light if there is another one around regardless. So he sets off with a elaborate plan and it backfires.

It backfires because Misa is so determined to find Kira.

She’s disguised herself and after Light and his group walk by figures out its him as she can’t see his lifespan.

It kinda backfires because it makes L suspicious of him even more. As the only event in the journal entries that could possibly have passed before the tape was sent he knows that Light and Matsuda were both there the day that the fake Kira “found” real Kira.

How much luck do both Misa and Light have though?

As it turns out the fake Kira isn’t after Light for anything more then, originally, to thank him for killing the murderer of her family and now to make him her boyfriend. She doesn’t care if Kira uses her and feels nothing for her as long as he’s her boyfriend.

Whilst I like that she’s pretty much given her life to Light, making it much more interesting in the long run, I also think its a bit crap that the only other real female character so far in the story is such a pathetic and boring one. Her story is sad and is exactly the kind of person I was talking about a few reviews back. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t believe in Justice so see’s Kira AS justice. Her blind love for him would have worked as just that, blind adoration for the man who served final justice but instead they have to go along this kind of route with it.

L is now outnumbered though. Even though the police make a statement saying that Kira is a murderer and the second Kira would have a less severe punishment if they helped them capture the original Kira it now is obvious that Misa isn’t going to do anything other then obey Light. As Light now has Shinigami eyes without the need to give up any of his own life it seems like things will become a little too easy for him.

I don’t know. Up until that point I really loved the dynamic between Light and L. Bringing in someone else who is more of a cheat way of ending the game then anything else is interesting but it would have been nicer to have had a equal to Light and L join the game instead of someone below Light. Its something that annoys me in a lot of anime. If you follow any of my anime reviews (other then possibly Penguindrum because that was just a crazy ride through and through) you know anything like this kinda brings me down. I like characters to be able to stand on their own merits and not find their worth in someone else.


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