One Piece : Goodybe

Chapter 848

Well whilst Big Mom has forgiven Luffy for the Fishman Island stuff he’s now started another fight with her over her inability to see that she’s the reason she ain’t Pirate King yet.

And whilst Sanji begs that his friends will just behave and get off the island…. Well none of them are behaving and I’m pretty sure Big Mom won’t let them off the island without a fight the amount of crap they are giving her now.

Its getting worse the longer it goes on.

So it seems that Big Mom is too happy to care about Luffy, just as she thinks nothing will piss her off she finds that something WILL piss her off and that is someone trying to steal the Tamatebako, the National Treasure of Fishman Island that she was given by Luffy for the sweets he stole. She’s planning on opening it in front of everyone at the Tea Party so can’t see further then that.

The plan seems to work, Pedro causes the distraction whilst Brook sneaks inside leaving him with a army to fight that he seemingly is going to be able to control as they are just souls possessing things. This might actually work but I still don’t see how they’ll be able to get it off the island without getting caught or injured. I can’t wait to actually see how it plays out though especially as Brook is so fun to see at work. It looks like if anything it’ll be these two that really piss Big Mom off, as said before she’s too happy to care right now but the second that she feels the Tamatebako is threatened she’s pissed and these two are really getting on her tits.

In other news it looks like Pudding is up to something.

You see I’ve never fully trusted Pudding but it looks like I was completely wrong. Whilst Sanji knows what’s best for his family, family as in the Straw Hats not the sodding disgusting pieces of trash he’s related to by blood, and forces himself to be his annoying self and even proposes to Pudding on his own, Pudding herself has decided she isn’t going to marry someone just because her mom told her too. Goodbye? It looks like she’s off to do something stupid.

I don’t know I kind of wanted Pudding to be evil. Why? I can’t say. Big Mom’s whole family and army were just so cool and whilst Lola is lovely I wanted her to stay a anomaly and having Pudding be as sweet and generous and loving as she is kinda takes away from Lola and the now obvious sacrifice she’s made in life. I’ll probably be told off because its cliched or some shit having a nice character turn out to be a plotting evil bitch underneath but it was just too perfect. Look at Big Mom’s kids! The vast majority are creepy or ugly so the one real pretty one is being given away to someone who just so happens to love pretty people but doesn’t want to be married? Of course I’m not going to say that Big Mom’s kids are gonna love her but they seem to be at least a bit attached INCLUDING Pudding who seemingly has no idea her mum wants her dead, so instantly befriending enemies of her mother and helping them in a quest that would probably have made them late for the Tea Party and saving Sanji…..

I just don’t know. I was hoping for some grand revelation but I get the feeling we’re going to get some dramatic love scenes with Pudding doing something stupid that would probably kill her but Sanji is going to save her last minute and the two will fall in love and…. Yeah.

Really I think my main problem is that whilst diving into the history of Sanji and everything this story has done to him which is only going to make him stronger in the future it also plays up to the one part of Sanji I love and hate. His whole woman thing. Having Pudding pretty means he hasn’t learnt a lesson about the way he treats women. If he falls in love with her properly, goes ahead with some kind of union or whatever it doesn’t really change him, if he then stops the heart eyes and stuff its because he’s being loyal but deep down nothing will have changed inside Sanji. Of course a lot will change because of the situation but I’ve always wanted this arc to rub away some of the horrible traits he has that are played for laughs but which can get very over the top and turn you off Sanji instead I don’t think anything will change for the better.

Either way watch out for Pudding I guess!

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