One Piece : Luffy and Big Mom

Chapter 847

With things looking ever more dire for the Straw Hats a meeting between Luffy and Big Mom might not be the best thing for him. We’ll see if she really is going to keep her word to Sanji or not though I guess.

So…. Big Mom has a collection of incredible creatures in books, even the Manticore from Impel Down which apparently escaped has been caught and pinned into a book. Its the perfect kind of thing for someone like Big Mom though with her thing about growing families and populating her islands with diversity and all that, those kind of people are usually the first that find interesting and astonishing things and want to lock it up for their own enjoyment. She didn’t like it though when Judge asked her why there aren’t any giants around, it’ll be interesting to see why she’s got such a downer on giants. I know she wants everyone to become bigger like her and Ceasar is gonna have to move his ass to do that before the wedding but she really didn’t like the mention of no giants being around.

Judge obviously needs to be more careful.

They even have a book for prisoners which is where Luffy and Nami are currently being kept. For a start can I say that the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang seriously gave me nightmares as a kid, probably one of the only characters in anything that actually scared me so Perospero is not a character I enjoy looking at ever. The eldest of Charlotte’s sons is just the creepiest looking shit ever.

I have to admit to always being fascinated by Big Mom. Every chapter seems to make her more foreboding and more interesting at the same time. She seems like she’ll keep her word to Sanji but she’ll keep Luffy and Nami locked up until after the wedding, if they make any moves before then she’ll go back on her word by the looks of it or at least “show him hell” before letting him go. I quite like her though, she’s menacing but also has some weird vision which is once again both terrifying and interesting.

As always Luffy is just awesome, he really doesn’t take any bullshit from anyone and no matter what trouble he’s in he’ll always tell people what they don’t want to hear. I don’t know why Nami is so shocked to hear that Big Mom would want Lola dead seeing the lengths she’s going through to keep Sanji. Its very obvious she spawns kids to have political power and its up to Luffy to tell her the truth, that its her own bloody fault that she isn’t Pirate King not Lola’s for simply not wanting to get married.

We actually also get to see what is going on with Chopper and Carrot too and its… As crazy as I guess you’d expect. They’ve got themselves caught and Chopper has transformed so that whilst chained up he can transform again and escape whilst Carrot is about to be cooked…. Yes that is right she’s going to be cooked. Chopper on the other hand seems to be being saved to be put in a book himself, which makes sense seeing Big Mom’s collection, thankfully it is extremely easy for him to escape and he even has Monster Point to use if needs be. What a clever little guy he is.

Well next week looks like it’ll be interesting, Pedro and Brook have started their plan to get the Poneglyph so we’ll get to see how that turns out. Pedro isn’t a Straw Hat and has already survived Whole Cake once but I doubt he’s gonna be so lucky a second time. Poor Sanji just wants them to stop and get off the island but he should know his crew and the people they attract never give up. Poor little Sanji.

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