Perfect 10s…. 10 Fantasy Worlds I’d like to live in

A new feature on the site is going to be our Perfect 10 series where we list our top 10 of some rather random things.

To begin with we will look at the top 10 Fantasy Worlds I’d personally want to live in, taken from my favourite books and video games old and new I give you a look into my strange world… Or at least a look into the strange worlds I wish I was in.


Its a strange one to kick off, the most you really see off Rapture is when its going to the dogs but the city itself and the beginnings of it would be something to see. Personally I’ve always been amazed by what it looked like it was before everything went to hell so I’d like to have seen it in its hay-day even if that meant I’d turn into a Splicer or die in a war. Rapture sure is beautiful even in its demise it surely would be absolutely amazing without all the decay and disruption.


Not sure it counts, in the Miss Peregrine books the Peculiar’s tend to live in Time Loops, one day repeated over and over again where no one ages. I wouldn’t like to live in one but I’d like to be Peculiar and I’d like to visit them all, well maybe not the horrible ones! Imagine visiting one day in Ancient Rome?? Or actually getting to see a day in Blitz Britain! Even just the one perfect day before the bombs dropped on Miss Peregrine’s Orphanage would be interesting enough. Think of the people you’d meet, hundreds of years old yet reliving one day over and over… It would be peaceful, fun and extremely eye opening.


OK this is the point where I might agree that I like danger a little too much but I personally love the Hunger Game books and one thing I’d like to do as a outsider would be to really tour the Districts and see how different they are. We know a lot about the Capital, District 9 and 10 but we don’t really know much about the others. I’d love to be able to see them and the people. Then again I’d really love to see how the world turned out after the war…


OK maybe its another bit of a cheat but I’d love to live in the Wizarding world, it might just be normal Earth but its a Earth full of magic and mayhem. Of course I wouldn’t like to live in the universe during any of their great wars but I’d love to have gone to Hogwarts and visited Wizarding communities.


Whether it be in the Ice Queens chilly grasp or when its blooming I’ve always found the magic of Narnia hard to leave behind. It would just be nice to live in that world for a lifetime or two and be able to pop back to reality like nothing had happened. I’d love to find a way in there through a wardrobe, to be honest I might not ever want to come back through it…

5 : OZ

I think everyone falls in love with Oz at least once in their life, its a place that proves the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…. How it does that I don’t know seeing every time we take a trip there I could easily never leave it I don’t know, even in the brilliant Dorothy Must Die books I’d love to stay there as long as I could. It is a dream place and I think its why everyone loves it so much.


I say it because I can. I LOVE Yonderland. The crazy people, the crazy places and the crazy craziness of it all. What isn’t there to love about Yonderland? Even in its worse times the biggest trouble the citizens have been in are more to do with themselves then their enemies. Plus I’d get to meet the Chosen One and Elf. What more could you want?


Why wouldn’t you want a visit to Middle Earth? Go hang out with Hobbits in the Shire, meet Elves hiding in the woods, accidentally stumble in on a Dwarven hall…. Its a large, beautiful world with such amazing stories and histories. The people that inhabit it are worth visiting alone let alone the wonders you’ll see if you travel far and wide, of course you’d have to be careful because even in times of peace not so peaceful creatures roamed but spending a day in the Shire would be worth it all.


Wonderland would be a headache but a headache worth going. I find myself attracted to all the different versions of Wonderland purely because it attacks the senses, as a spectator it calms my anxiety if I was really there I think it would do a lot to build my character or else it would kill me. I just love the nonsense of it all though and would love to be thrown into its crazy world even if its the last thing that happens to me.


Not a surprise but the Discworld has everything. Reality is thin, magic is wild and you can rub shoulders with all kinds of different species. I’ve been in love with the Discworld series since I was introduced to them as a kid and I’ve spent most of my life fantasizing about being in that world, Terry Pratchett did so much to make it more then just words on a page. I think if you were transported there it would take a lifetime to see all the sights and with all the strange goings on there would always be a new sight to see where there wasn’t one before. Adventure would truly be out there for you.


And that is it. My top 10. It was surprising hard and easy at the same time to pick them, after I picked them and sorted them out I thought about the ONE PIECE universe or FAIRY TAIL. When you pick up a book or watch a film/TV Programme/anime or play a game the best ones are always the ones that really bring their world to life and make you wish you could be there yourself. With characters you fall in love with, villains that truly scare you and places you would die to be real.

What fantasy world would you want to live in?

One thought on “Perfect 10s…. 10 Fantasy Worlds I’d like to live in”

  1. Discworld would be a fantastic place to visit, assuming you were a hologram and couldn’t get hurt. Seriously, it is one of the most entertainingly written fantasy worlds ever and I really wish it could be visited, or they’d make a discworld movie that actually captured the fun of the world.
    Thanks for sharing this list.

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