One Piece : Egg Defense

Chapter 846

Its been a while since I read One Piece so its time we got up to date with the story.

So our first look at just how damned powerful a Yonko’s army is manages to be terrifying. The Army of Rage just keep coming and Nami and Luffy can’t withhold them for too long. What’s even more scary is they have absolutely no feelings towards the Homies who really only did what they had to do, Nami managed to get King BaumΒ killed with her actions and to top it all off get the vivre card that Lola gave her taken away. Their are way too many different Devil Fruit users on this island and in Big Momma’s group for such a small party to beat.

Whilst they are captured alive according to their orders Sanji is asking Big Mom for a favour, that favour is to let his comrades leave Whole Cake Island alive. Something she’s willing to agree too as long as Sanji stops trying to fight against the wedding to Pudding.

I honestly don’t have a clue why Sanji would trust a Yonko like Big Mom. She’s given him nothing to trust her yet he’s openly trusting her with the life of Luffy, she even lists all the little things that Luffy has done to piss her off and he STILL thinks that she’ll let him walk away as long as he goes ahead with the wedding. The sad thing is Sanji has so obviously just given up any hope of being saved or getting out of this, he couldn’t make Luffy understand by turning his back on him and now he’s trying to play with fire, something I can’t help but feel is going to backfire horribly for him.

Its sad. Very sad. All you want is for this to turn out for the best but it gets harder to see a way out for them with every passing chapter. Big Mom really has Sanji where she wants him now and with Luffy captured its hard to see how any of them will escape.

This chapter we also learn that Big Mom has three Poneglyph’s including one road one. Did we know she had so many? I can’t remember how many we knew she had but we get everything spelled out to us for what Luffy now has to do if he wants to get to Raftel. Unfortunately with Pedro’s presence being know to the Commanders now the Poneglyphs are well guarded and it ends up with Pedro having to become bait to get a opening.

To be honest even with Pedro as bait I don’t see how they’ll manage to escape with the Road Poneglyph which is the one that they need for Luffy’s journey to become Pirate King. I mean it was bad enough trying to steal it when the island was going to be busy for the wedding but now that they have upped security they can’t be stupid enough to go just after Pedro without thinking that there might be another Straw Hat that they have yet to capture? I’d be disappointed if it comes down to the Sweet Commanders being that stupid.

The story just keeps getting sadder and sadder.


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