Death Note : Love

Episode 12

“Koigokoro” (恋心)

A second Kira has emerged. L wants to invite the person he most suspects of being the original Kira to join the hunt for the new one. What could possibly go wrong.

I got a bit lost with L’s thought process in this episode. Explaining it to the police officers only gives Yagami hope.

Let me explain I guess.

He brings Light in but keeps secret that they think there are two Kira’s. He is using this as another test of whether or not Light can be trusted. If Light comes up with the idea of there being two Kira’s apparently it proves that he’s innocent but if he stays stump on the idea of two Kira’s then he’s guilty.

Its based on the knowledge that the original Kira wants L dead so by saying there are two its stopping L from going on TV and showing his face and therefore dying. If he says nothing and L is forced to go on the TV and show his face then it proves that Light doesn’t want him dead.

Or something like that.

Therefore when he gives away that its a test and Light realises the right answer to the test then his father is happy to see his son is no longer a suspect.

Unless I missed it I don’t think we really got to hear how L really truly thinks about the reaction to the tapes. Surely L would know that Light or indeed Kira himself is too smart to do something like that. Unfortunately it’ll be hard for him to convince anyone that Light is guilty now if he has a change of heart later.

They decide to make a announcement by the real Kira, just of course its not the real Kira but as far as the fake Kira is concerned it is the real Kira and by coincidence of EVERYTHING leading up to right now it IS the real Kira, but no one but Light knows that.

When they get their reply no one is happy with it.

The detectives just don’t know what to make of it.

Light is pissed, pissed that the other Kira would be as stupid as to talk about Shinigami’s and eyes and wanting to meet in a message that they know would be see by others.

L is put off guard and has to be talked into believing that Shinigami might just be a code word for whatever powers its obvious both Kiras have.

The one moment of confusion and annoyance that Light has ever shown in a crowd could be passed off as just a normal reaction, seeing everyone else reacted the same, but was also missed completely by L who was too busy shitting his pants thinking that Shinigami are real. After all the original Kira had left him a message about Shinigami’s liking to eat apples.

It was all a little disappointing really. I wasn’t too interested in having Light in the task force, if he’s going to be trusted I feel like its a big win for him as he’s fooled the only person who could have caught him and from now on any back tracking L might have will make him look silly because he lost such a simplistic game.

Also I don’t like Misa much.

We learn her story, a Shinigami fell in love with her and when she was being attacked he killed her attacker. Because Shinigami are only meant to take life away and not give it they died and gave Misa extended life. Rem was there when it happened so took the Death Note of the fallen Shinigami to Misa. According to my mum who likes Rem it was all so sweet and makes them such interesting characters.

For me it kinda ruins some of the mystique around them.

So they can die if they fall in love and Misa doesn’t seem to love anything at all. Oh how very sweet. I don’t get why they had to tell us how a Shinigami can die, I also don’t see the point in having one die over a character in the story. The whole story with those two just annoyed me a little and I don’t like them much. I loved the game between Light and L and having another Kira pop up to distract them was fun but the backstory on them and Misa in general as well as Rem seeming more like a puppy then Ryuk has recently just makes me bored of them before anything they’ve done has started.

I never really like characters like her though so that isn’t surprising.


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