Still Open All Hours : Episode 2

A strong opening to a third season and we’re plunged straight into one of the best comedies around. What new and strange things will Granville try to sell to his victims today?

Another cracker of a episode with Leroy being able to sniff out his prey, Granville’s muscle enhancer and poor Arkwright not getting a good nights sleep.

I loved that the episode returned to the store but still the bloodthirsty selling agenda of Granville has kind of gone to one side. I really love that we’ve suddenly got Leroy demanding that Granville try the new strange goods with him and like Dr Proctors Firey Chest Pastilles this weeks muscle thing was just hilarious. Great comedy timing from David Jason time and time again with his arm twitch.

A much more calm episode from the hectic Christmas episode. Mr Newbold needs help with his underpants so out comes Granvilles supply of suspenders, he’s able to pry on the desperation of the two twits Wet Eric and Cyril to sell them his Jump Start muscle thing which they seemed very happy about so at least they got a happy ending. Leroy got himself cornered by a ex-husband but seems to come out for the best which leads to a eventful car trip for Granville and Mavis which was extremely funny. I love that we get to end with Granville and Mavis together, they are such a adorable couple and the “Hello Mavis”/”Hello Granville” really warmed my heart.

The show is very much at its best when it stays small scale, when it focuses on the shop and the coming and goings of its customers. Whilst I usually love the diversion to the women in this episode it felt a little pointless and the jokes didn’t quite work and I felt the time could have gone to one of the three stories in the episode. Whilst I loved the episode I do have to admit that it felt jam packed with stories and just kind of ended, I was waiting for something else to happen then it was closing time. I loved both this episode and the Christmas special but have to admit something very small is missing at the moment. It just isn’t as tight as it usually is with the episode as a whole and as I keep saying Granville isn’t quite as cutthroat as usual which means we only get a snippet of his stories to try and sell to people.

Still love the interaction of the group though, they just work so well together. Stephanie Cole is the greatest gift to TV we’ll ever have and her back and forth with Granville never gets old, that look she gives him at times just has me falling off my chair in laughter. The duo of Wet Eric and Cyril whilst not used to their best in this episode were still great, their little conference on whether they want to get into Nano Technology talk was perfect. Mrs Hussein is getting a bigger role which on one hand is great because along with Maggie Ollerenshaw as Mavis Nina Wadia has such a soft and lovable character in Mrs Hussein which counters out Brigit Forsyths Madge and Sally Lindsay’s Kath who can be extremely cruel at times. On the other hand its very Leroy centred and whilst I loved the “I don’t gossip BUT…” I kinda want the Leroy stuff to be toned down a little not throwing a regular cast member into it.

Which is a point along with the women bitching about nothing getting rid of the story involving Leroy and Wendy would have helped. The whole him dating someone who has a boy friend or a ex who threatens him is getting extremely old, whilst I thought the perfume identification thing was hilarious it could have just ended at that.

Still a strong start to the series and love having it back.


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