Still Open All Hours 2016 Christmas Special

Its that time of year again when Granville returns to our screens to sell his customers the latest in things they don’t want. I have always enjoyed our return to Open All Hours since it came back and this year is no exception!

Whilst the main story I didn’t really like for personal reasons the episode was just as good as it ever is.

The cast continue to make you laugh every second from the opening of Granville scaring a poor Mrs Hussein who then whacked him with his umbrella to the cute ending of Granville and Mavis. In a year where we’ve lost a lot of legends it makes you appreciate how David Jason is still around and still making us smile every year.

Whilst I disagreed with the whole getting Mr Bridges back home plot it did have some great moments including the whole cast barging into the store to get a look at the Legendary Heart Breaker, and gave us a rare moment where Granville had a store full of people and didn’t make a penny from any of them! I didn’t like that all the “moany” or “mean” characters were the only ones that were against Mrs Bridges taking her cheating husband back and by the end of the episode he’d been forgiven but again it gave plenty of laughs especially when it came to Mavis and Madge talking about how sad it would be to see him outside in the cold on Christmas with only the Mars Bar that Mavis would hand to him to keep him company.

If there is one thing I noticed though its that the focus has gone to the whole of the cast with many scenes away from Granville and the shop and focusing on the crazy life of Wet Eric, Gastric and Cyril. The women also got a lot more of a chance to shine together as they tried to get Mrs Bridges to keep away from her estranged husband and there wasn’t any real push to sell the latest crazy thing, in this case Dr Proctors Firey Chest Pastilles, though they did get turned into aΒ aphrodisiac that was then given to the clueless duo of Wet Eric and Cyril before being used to destroy the whole of the choir. I liked that we got to see a lot more of the whole cast but also feel like I’d miss it if it did move the focus too much from the shop and Granville and his crazy going ons. Jason still did have the best moments including trying his own goods before spraying his mouth with window cleaner, taking a drink of water and spitting it in Leroys face.

What it did do though was build up new stories for the new series. Mr Newbold is looking more and more likely that he isn’t going to take 6 episodes to explode at Mrs Featherstone who in turn still has her eyes set on Granville. The “Women Mafia” are still one of my favourite parts and them becoming a thicker bunch and spending more time together is going to be wonderful even without the delightful Lynda Baron. The boys are also great together and I could see a similar episode later in the series where instead of them trying to get someone back to their home they try to get Mr Newbold out of Mrs Featherstones.

Whilst a lot of the jokes are the same as always I still find it a good laugh all the way through.

It was a nice little escape from the world and was like coming back and visiting old friends. Then again it also felt like they never left and it was hard to remember a whole horrible year has passed since the last time we sat down for 6 wonderful episodes following the customers and shop keepers of Arkwright’s. Its one of my favourite parts of the year when we get to sit down with these lot keeping us company and I hope the rest of the series is as good as this episode was.


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