So our goal for 2016 was to try and be more productive and we’ve done that to a point. December has been by far the worst month but for good reasons. We started the year very positively with two months of a blog a day, we then at least had 5 blogs a week before our poor December showing.

As is always the case the majority of us have just found life has gotten in our way, usually Anna is the one that then picks up the pieces but she’s got a new job and has had to go through training and getting used to shift work as well as a change at home.

We are hoping that we’ll get a few blogs that have been in various states of completion done in the next few days. Anna and Luc are trying to get their anime end of year blogs done. We’re sad that we didn’t get more of them done this year but it has just been so busy. We also will have the XMas TV reviews up, Yonderland will be reviewed completely but the XMas review will probably be up before the end of the series is done.

So hopefully we’ll have a lot more coming up in the next few weeks, but a lot of it will be catching up with stuff.


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