Death Note : Assault

Episode 11

“Totsunyū” (突入)

The mental back and forth between Light and L is put on hold when Kira makes a public announcement.

This is my favourite episode so far. What a twist!

All episode long you are listening to Kira talking about his grand plans. How he only kills criminals and wants to make the world a better place for righteous people to live in. He proved to the TV station that he was indeed Kira by giving them the time of death of two criminals, then proves it again on Live TV by killing two more who were on TV at the same time.

Throughout the whole broadcast you are wondering what the hell Light is up to. It makes no sense to bring it to public attention.

Then the police lose their shit. One goes to the station to end the broadcast and is instantly killed. Light’s father discharges himself from hospital and rams a police truck through the front doors so that he isn’t seen and threatens the TV people to give him the tapes and stop the broadcast. Before it ends we know that Kira wants the police to work with him and is awaiting a answer.

L is finally pushed to his limit having to calm down the remaining members of the task force whilst coming up with a plan to get his person out of the building safe.

Its a lovely show of unity from the police when they show up in riot gear with their faces covered to hide the identity of the commissioner and get him out safely.

The damage is already done though. Like anything of the sort (Twenty-Faces comes to mind) Kira has now become the face of justice for people who feel the police don’t do their jobs well enough or that the justice system fails too often.

Right at the end though we find out that actually this isn’t Light. In fact he’s at home watching the events roll on too. There is actually another person out there with a Death Note, her name is Misa and not only that but she has Shinigami eyes too. She doesn’t need to know a name because she can see them all for herself.

Her goal seems more to be introduced to the original Kira then to actual invoke any kind of justice. She also has a Shinigami with her but I don’t like her much. I don’t know, all the others look real cool and sound real cool and she looks OK but sounds like a normal human. Or at least in the dub she does, unfortunately I can’t read sub titles at the moment because of my eyesight being bad, I might have to double check her Japanese voice as it leaves a disappointing image in my mind in the dub.

If I thought the game was interesting with L trying to push Light to admit he was Kira its just gotten a whole load more interesting. Plus as I said in the last review that conflicting feeling hits again when L decides, just as Light decides he has to, that Light should join the task force. I’m not sure if I’m happy, sad, annoyed or just worried for everyone’s safety.

For a change they are both on the same side though.

Who is this new Kira?


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