Death Note : Doubt

Episode 10

“Giwaku” (疑惑)

What says “lets be friends” more then a friendly tennis match?

A very heated tennis match where every single tiny decision on the court is analysed and thought about.

Watching the mental tennis back and forth was more interesting then the actual tennis we got to see. Seeing L a step ahead of Light at every moment whilst Light tries to figure out how to go about playing the game was brilliant.

It was their talk later on that really interested me though.

L is constantly probing at Light, always testing him and asking him to think outside the box. Light knows that if he thinks too much or takes the easy route he could end up showing his hand. The problem is getting the balance of being a genius and showing that you know how Kira thinks.

My problem right now is that it is starting to be painful to watch the back and forth. I don’t know but I don’t want Light to win the game. You have a feeling constantly that everything is always going his way, Light certainly feels that way, at the same time though its going that way because L lets it go that way hoping that if he lets Light have his own way he’ll give him enough rope to hang himself.

Light as a character is hard to like though. He’s not someone you can really get behind, you aren’t meant to fully because what he is doing is also wrong, but at the same time its hard when he gets full of himself to want to do anything more then slap him.

I’m not sure if I’m annoyed by his arrogance or his stupidity in not just distancing himself from it all.

He’s too focused on killing L that he can’t see that he’s walking into a trap, or at least he see’s he’s walking into it and knows he’s smart enough not to be caught. So as someone watching what is happening I’m screaming for him not to enter the trap whilst wanting him to be caught in it because he deserves to be trapped.

The problem with Light is that he loves this attention more then he loves being on his moral high horse, killing people he deems to deserve it. He loves this game and the back and forth with L. He wants to come out on top and not only come out on top but to kill him. The whole “making a new world” thing hasn’t just taken a back burner but it isn’t there at all anymore. Of course its his justification for wanting to kill L but killing L is all he really truly wants.

Sadly their mind games end with the phone call that his father has had a heart attack.

Thing is the first thing I thought when he had the heart attack was that it was Light that killed him. Thankfully he was OK and it was a true heart attack brought on by stress but it showed that for me Light has gotten to the point where I don’t doubt for a second that he’d kill his own father to prove a point with L. If his dad died whilst he was talking to L then not only would he be innocent beyond all doubt because he was actually with L but why would he kill his own dad?

I fear for Light’s own family now.

The episode ended with a threat and tapes being sent to a TV station from Kira….


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