Pride Promotions : Heroes & Legends 4

Our final outing to Pro Wrestling Pride in 2016, sad times especially as their next event is free its just impossible to get to, and it was one hell of a way to finish the year. It also had the re-match everyone wanted to see…. Or just me and Nass really wanted to see… Bram vs Tiger 2. This time for the Heavyweight belt.

EDIT : This took a long time as I’ve been working and a bit ill, if there are any random bits that make no sense I apologise I just got tired of re-drafting because I’m extremely ill.

Winner : Chris Andrews

Great opening match, any match with Chris Andrews is a great match and watching him get to beat up a guy like Josh Knott was just a lot of fun.

I honestly think it was one of my favourite matches of the night. Knott played up his usual weasel like character and had to find anyway he could to get passed the Devon Powerhouse who very obviously out matched him in strength. Thing is even with underhand tactics its extremely hard to put a guy like Andrews down so even stunts like using the ropes when pinning Andrews didn’t work. It was good fun though and it doesn’t take much for a crowd to boo Josh Knott, my niece would be horrified as she thinks Knott is the greatest thing going.

What made it so good I think was that they underplayed it a bit. You know that it could have been much harder hitting but being the first match it was scaled back a bit and kinda made you want to see them just beat each other up more. Its always said you should leave them wanting more and personally that was what happened. Really good match to start the show off with.

Winner : Kelly Sixx

Whilst the match wasn’t bad I have to say I didn’t really like Adam Maxted. He looked awkward and just kinda looked bland. Even just walking to the ring he looked like a fan that had got lost. I think coming out just after someone with not only  the character of Kelly Sixx but after having met him at shows the personality of the man himself plus a speech from the resident mouthpiece of Pride Keizer you kinda wanted him to make some kind of impression. He just didn’t really leave one. At all. It didn’t help that during the match he looked real clunky too, even just the way he walked, which again probably would have worked if he hadn’t been in a match against someone with such a cool style like Kelly Sixx. In my opinion he was like a boring version of Chris Andrews without Andrews experience, because he wasn’t a terrible wrestler but I am guessing he hasn’t been doing it as long as Andrews.

Some good moments in the match but they were all provided by Kelly Sixx, one of the stand out wrestlers I’ve seen this year so not really surprising. He has the second best moonsault I’ve seen this year only behind Dick Riley. At Pride he also has a vicious streak which he used really well in the match as he wasn’t able to really tap into his top gear he had to ground Maxted and keep him that way, stop him from being able to over power him and get a upper hand. He never let up the attack and someone might have wanted to warn Maxted that getting in the ring with a member of the Soul Society is a bad decision as its never one-on-one.

Can’t wait to see him face someone who can match his talent though as he’s gonna be a great champion. He gets better every time you see him and always one of the highlights of the evening. Has been one of the best additions to Pride (and to be fair PWA too) shows all year.

Also a new look for the Soul Society, Keizer has lost the suit and now him and Kelly actually look super cool coming to the ring. Everyone was saying that Keizer looked like a hobo but I just thought he looked bloody awesome. Don’t panic though, his attitude is just as poor as ever but they will be a formidable duo going into 2017.

Winners : Eddie Ryan & James Storm

What a great match! I wasn’t too sure about the team of Eddie Ryan and James Storm, it seemed a little strange to me but boy did it work out great. It was a surprisingly fast paced match. The double team from the Cowboy and Eddie was great and at times very unique, sad we didn’t get a double superkick but you can’t have it all. I’ve seen James Storm live a few times now and he always seems to get better every time.

Good job from Ed Dyer keeping control of the match though, I don’t know how he could tell which member of the House of Bones was ever legal as they seemed to just walk in and out of the ring at a whim constantly but that might have just been because it was such a fast match. The whole end to it was great too. It was just fun, it looked like everyone was having fun and the fans sure as hell was loving it.

Loved the tease of House of Bones breaking up at the end, thing is even if they both start going single they don’t actually have to break up and feud with each other. I would have liked to see Lomaxx go after the championship but I’m not sure my heart could take him trying to murder the champion now. I’m sure they’ve done it before as well and always like that it nearly comes to blows then they hug it out, its such a odd visual to see them hug but it always makes me laugh. They really are a great team.

Last Wrestler Standing : Tyler Hawke

First up it was lovely to see the ovation that Tyler Hawke got coming out to the ring, he is such a great guy and deserved it. It was nice to see him looking so happy and getting to go out in front of a crowd that loved him and do what he does best, also was just wonderful seeing him prove what all his fans have said for months now that he is one of the best talents we have down this way. Couldn’t have made a better come back to Pride if he tried. I think if he had been eliminated there would have been a riot, there were many angry people when he eliminated Baine just for Baine to get back in the ring because the ref wasn’t looking.

Nadia continues to grow on me and her interactions with the UK Dominator were hilarious. First time seeing Bobbi and have to say the girl has talent! Hoping that as she eliminated Nadia we get to see her get a title match in the future, lots of potential there but obviously we didn’t get to see too much from the two ladies. They are gonna have one hell of a match when they face each other one-on-one though and really can’t wait to see a full match with Bobbi in it soon!

My love for Grayson Reeves grows more every time I see the guy, he really was the highlight of the match making sure his presence was felt at all times whether in the ring doing what he does best and beating the hell out of people or on the apron getting the crowd riled up. The guy adds so much to any match he’s in and really got the crowd involved.

As you can probably tell I really enjoyed the match. Only Spannish was a bit lame but he was the early elimination that lead to the need to isolate Harding in Dom’s teams corner and slow the match down before a flurry of eliminations at the end. The back and forth between Nadia and Dom was great entertainment, Baine managed to make himself the most hated man in the room when he clothes lined Bobbi to eliminate her and then had the help of his tag team partner PJ Jones to nearly cheat his way to victory. The individual personalities on each side really worked well together as well which made the match so much more fun.

It was really a great match.

Winner : PJ Jones

Shera was quite fun actually. I haven’t watched TNA in a while so have no idea who he is, I guess for people who liked him the amount of time it took for him to dance himself into the ring and give up getting PJ Jones to dance was worth it but for me it dragged on. Sheera just used his strength to walk through Jones who had to resort to his usual cheating to get the upper hand.

It was a great show of how much of a weasel PJ Jones is and had some great moments, always enjoy PJ talking crap to the fans and his anger at nearly being made to dance had me in stitches. It was nice to see him in control of the majority of the match as well he’s always one of the most entertaining guys on any given night.

So yeah Shera was fun and the dancing was pretty funny.

Love seeing PJ doing well.

Winner : Ultimo Tiger

Teignmouth was one hell of a match. Its always fun when a no DQ match goes all out and Teignmouth had everything you’d ever want. That was until we came to Paignton and saw what they had to offer. You’d think there was very little they could do to top the first match but top it they did.

Tiger gave no shit right from the beginning which was the right way to go about it when you are up against someone like Bram and they didn’t stop from the second the bell rang till the end. It was a crazy match.

The stunt off the balcony honestly had me stop breathing. Even though I knew neither were going to get hurt it just looked terrifying. As it probably should look terrifying even though I’m a adult and know that they will be fine I guess I have to say it was brilliantly done. Darren on the mic trying to get people to stop following them down and around added to it. Great moment in the match.

We ended with me actually pretty much in tears. Emotional idiot that I am when Bram gave Tiger 3 piledrivers (or was it 4? I might have lost count) it didn’t matter about anything else I just didn’t want poor little Tiger to be hurt. Thankfully it ended with Tiger getting the upper hand and become the first Pride Triple Crown Champion. Very well deserved title for a guy who has constantly had the match of the night nearly every single show and has given his all at all times. Like with Grayson, Tiger is all over my end of year reviews so you’ll get to hear me go on at length about why he’s probably my wrestler of the year and so on but with matches like this against a guy like Bram there is nothing I can physically say that can show you how awesome that kid is you just have to go and watch.



This is where I take everything back and just tell you that Ultimo Tiger is lazy. I didn’t want to hold his belt, unfortunately he made me. All I wanted was a final photo of the year with him! The bastard!

It was a great meet and greet with new faces and obviously the guests other then Bram. If I’m honest I wasn’t really paying too much attention to it, I really honestly just wanted to get a photo with Tiger then give John a Christmas card and I would have been happy leaving after that. It was nice to see Tyler looking happy though and always lovely to briefly get to talk to Kelly Sixx.


As always Pride put on one hell of a show. Bringing in new faces and looking like they are going to move all areas of their shows around its a interesting turning point for them.

We now have a tag team of Grayson Reeves and Tyler Hawke with Winners and Sinners officially a team as well, they two go at it for the tag team titles next show as the Magnums have dropped them after splitting up, that in itself is interesting. House of Bones were a great team but they really were dominant and their feud with the Magnums went on too long with no other team really there to challenge them. Both these teams are great additions and whichever one wins that trophies aren’t going to be as impressively dominant as House of Bones meaning a lot more can happen in the tag team division now. It was just nice to see Hawke at Pride and not surprising that Pride now have Reeves who has improved so much in the last 12 months and one of the most entertaining and talented guys down this way.

Kelly Sixx has only just begun his reign of terror with the Catch Division and you can’t help but see a shift to smaller guys on the Pride roster with Tiger the new champ as well. Hopefully Pride will keep introducing new faces to go up against them two as they are so talented.

No contest for the match of the night, Bram vs Tiger 2 was everything you wanted it to be and more. Its been like a whole year of building to this moment for Tiger with serious heartbreak and having to come back time and time again but the guy pulled it out of the bag to beat Bram a second time in a match much more suited to the big bully that is Bram. I also never want to see them in a match against each other again.

Wrestler of the night has to be Tyler Hawke though. Whilst Tiger put everything into winning the belt it was just so nice to see Tyler get so much love from the crowd and then prove what we’ve all been saying for months now. That he is one of the best wrestlers down this way. I have a serious amount of respect for Tyler for many reasons and it was such a great comeback to Pride for him.

Other then problems with the microphones the night went off perfectly and the guys behind the scenes should be ultra proud of that as they always should be. I can’t wait to the next show I get to go to, don’t know which one it’ll be yet but it can’t come soon enough whichever one it is!

Finally as I always do have some links. This time there are a few more as its the end of the year so thought I’d put a whole bunch.. Well the ones I follow anyway!

Follow Pro Wrestling Pride on all their social media links, very interactive and always bringing out news.

Website :

Facebook :
Twitter : @ProPWP
YouTube :

Check out their website for merchandise and tickets.

You wanna go and follow their champ too. He can’t use social media well so just insult his terribleness.

Facebook :
Twitter : @UltimoTiger

But also support him because he’s amazing. He now has two new t-shirt designs out with Goldenstars which is a site to keep your eyes on. I already brought one of each of the new designs and I guess you are gonna need to join the Untamed Rebellion.

T-Shirts :

Another guy to follow is their Catch Division champion Kelly Sixx. He isn’t a moron and its worth watching his feeds and going to catch a show with him whenever he’s close to you. The guy is one of the most talented guys you’ll see.

Facebook :
Twitter : @KellySixxUK

(I don’t know if she has Facebook and too lazy to find out but Bobbi Tyler also has Twitter @BobbiTyler_ )

Then there is Tyler Hawke. Guy is worth his weight in gold and hopefully 2017 will be a good year for one of the best champions of 2016. His return to Pride was a great occasion and hopefully him and Grayson will take those tag trophies and have a great run with them.

Facebook :
Twitter : @tylerfnhawke

Which also means following Grayson Reeves. Of all people he’s the one to follow as I honestly think he’s got huge things in his future and you wanna make sure you follow his career.

Twitter : @GraysonReeves1

Finally John Harding does a lot of things and is probably the most active social media user I follow and again is a great guy with his fans. Worth checking him out even if you aren’t a fan because he will talk about just about anything and has some interesting opinions at times.

Facebook :
Twitter : @TheRockerJH

He’s announced he’ll be at the Penzance show so I’ll just go ahead and add Vincent Mad Dog Andrews to this list. Honestly if you don’t know him its a great time to get to know him, someone I have been very impressed with since first seeing him at LEP earlier this year and a guy that deserves that chance he’s now getting. Mad Dog is part of The Firm, one of the most interesting stables down this way, and with him now going to Pride its the best time to follow him.

Facebook :

(ANNNNNDDDD he might not yet be at Pride but follow Jason King too as if Pride don’t use him sometime in 2017 I would be surprised. He’s up there with Tiger, Grayson, Tyler and Kelly as one of the best young talents in the West-Country and is just a genuine lovely bloke even if he acts the idiot. You truly want to support him and all these guys careers as they do a brilliant job.

Facebook :

Finally the photos…..



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