Death Note : Encounter

Episode 9

“Sesshoku” (接触)

The battle between L and Light is reaching new heights. After gaining no information after surveillance on the Kagami house its time for a different approach.

Encounter means just that. In this episode L reveals himself to Light.

At the entrance exams L shows up, taking the name of a famous Idol, he gives Light his first real test. I mean there was the test at how fast he could think on his feet when Naomi indulged all she knew about Kira to him and he figured the pivot point in that problem and was able to kill her. This time out he knows he’s been hunted and the hunter has just placed himself right in front of his prey.

Of course to Light L is also his prey.

One wrong move and he knows he’ll be caught.

L’s thought process is to become friendly with Light and either get him to admit being Kira or slip up enough that L is able to prove he is Kira. The thing is that Light knows that is what L is up to and as L is the person standing in Light’s way Light needs to take the same tactic and make it work in his favour. To find out L’s identity and therefore kill him before he’s found out Light needs to befriend L and have him trust him enough to let his guard down.

It was a truly simple episode that moved this game up a notch.

Its interesting to see them so close together. They both think so similarly yet are so different. Whilst they both have their strange ways about them it shows more outwardly with L then it does with Light so whilst Light can hold his own in normal situations L brings attention to him whatever he does. There is a hidden quality about everything Light does and he knows just what part of his personality to let shine out at any given moment. L on the other hand is just L and does things the same regardless.

The approach of just being blunt with Light works though. It keeps him under continuous pressure. Constantly attacking him head on means that Light is more likely to slip up. L doesn’t have to think of anything other then trying to out pace Light’s thought process. Light constantly has to think of what he’s saying and make sure he doesn’t come across as being too knowledgeable too fast. Its one thing being able to match L and another to let something small slip out of his mouth.

A interesting game.


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