Death Note : Glare

Episode 8

“Mesen” (目線)

Light is leaving a trail of dead bodies behind him whilst hiding himself. The game between the detective and the killer is starting to heat up.

I always thought that going after the FBI agents and then Naomi was silly and that is true. Reviewing everything they have got on the FBI killings they are able to pin point Raye as the person they should investigate further bringing them to two households. One of which, obviously, was the Kagami’s.

As I’ve kinda hinted before though I’m not sure whether or not this was all not just some elaborate plan on Light’s behalf. I mean the guy seems to think four or five steps ahead of the game. I can’t say I’d be surprised to learn this was exactly where Light wants to be rather then it being slip ups.

His dad doesn’t even hesitate to let L put up cameras and wire tap his whole house.

The lengths Light will go to are scary though.

Dude has so many traps in his room to tell whether or not someone has been in there that I can truly say its worrying. L, who is watching the family with his dad, can’t make heads or tails of it all. He can see something is up but at the same time there isn’t anything up. Even when Light’s plan to make L his witness proves as far as anyone can tell that Light is innocent L doesn’t believe him.

He hides a camera and a piece of the Death Note in a bag of chips. I don’t know how he does it but he does.

L seems to see through every ploy thrown at him yet because he can’t figure out how Kira operates he can’t outwardly say Kira isn’t Light or Light is Kira. Its amazing that Light’s dad is so happy to just go along with L and not only that he just needs L to be 1% on a suspect for them to stay a suspect.

Whether the whole cameras in the house thing was successful or not only L knows. It probably proved without reasonable doubt that everyone bar Light isn’t Kira but he doesn’t really let on how he truly feels about Light, whether that is because he’d be telling Light’s dad or because he just doesn’t understand I don’t know. He can see through the image of the perfect student though and see’s that he is hiding something.

As for Ryuk he hasn’t done much recently and I was a little disappointed with him in this episode. He turned into comic relief more then anything and having already kinda gone back on the “not getting involved” stuff by chuckling away like mad and giving Light the clue that Naomi was using a alias this time out because he’s going through “withdrawal” from lack of apples he turns into Light’s dogsbody. Sniffing out cameras for him so he knows there are no blind spots.

Even though Ryuk was just an observer I found him a interesting part of it all. He did tell Light he was being followed, and he did give away that Naomi was using a alias but I felt like it was just to elevate his boredom more. Whilst of course I laughed at how this grotesque Death God reacted to not being allowed to eat apples at the same time you look at him and think “is that it? He’s reduced to a dogs body and joke?”

I like that he observes and enjoy hearing some of the information he gives out. I’m not sure I want to laugh at him though.

I’m not sure who is winning at the moment but I have a feeling its still Light….


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