Death Note : Overcast

Episode 7

“Donten” (曇天)

Luck seems to be on Light’s side. He doesn’t seem to have any need for cheap tricks like having a Shinigami’s eyes. The man just gets all the luck….

Or does he?

Whilst the task force are still locked away, getting to meet Watari and get given some cool gadgets, the real interesting part of the episode is watching Light have to work fast.

Whilst I stick by my “all the detectives are idiots” stance, Raye’s partner isn’t as stupid as she first seems. Turns out she gave Light a alias and after he tries to use the Death Note on her he realises that she’s hiding her identity. Ryuk knew all along and that is why he’s been giggling to himself and uses this turn up in events to offer him again the eyes of a Shinigami for only half his remaining life span. By now Light knows that she knows enough to really change the case so he needs to eliminate her.

Its the first time you see him flustered but he’s a great poker player and never lets it be seen on his face.

Thing is she was stupid enough to go with Light in the first place, stupid enough to trust him with all the information and he’s smart enough to know that she’s stupid enough to believe a well put together story. After hearing that she trust L he comes up with a elaborate story that she once again believes.

Its really annoying. Whilst I guess she knew too much too soon its like a complete brain fart on her behalf and didn’t really suit her as a character. Then again I had a friend spoil that she did die, I know next to nothing about the series hence why I decided to do this one next in the flashbacks, so when I knew she was going to die I was waiting for her to do something stupid because she’s way too smart to do so otherwise.

It wasn’t even that she was going to talk to the task force, she knew she had to get in touch with L himself.

She was so close too. Whilst slowly coming around to Light’s story Aizawa is sent back to the office when L finally realises leaving it unmanned is silly, it starts to rain (I think, could have been snow) and he puts up his umbrella obstructing his view of what was happening as he walked past. It was too late anyway, Light already had her name.

Because this is all a game to him he told her he was Kira just as she marched off to her death at her own hands.

If anything this is going to make Light even more sure of his own luck as he’s able to get rid of the one thing that was standing in his way. Now he knows just how easy it is to talk people around he’s going to walk even closer to the line then he was before.


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