Death Note : Unraveling

Episode 6

“Hokorobi” (綻び)

When Light realised that L knew he was tapping into the police files he figured out that L would start snooping about on the police on the task force. When this came to fruition for Light it was great because it would finally start planting the seeds of doubt amongst the Japanese Police Task Force and L.

But has Light underestimated his foes?

Whilst everything has gone according to Lights plan I think he has. Or at least underestimated his own father.

The Task Force dwindles down to just five people including his father. With the knowledge that Kira is able to kill from afar just by knowing what you look like and finding out that L doesn’t trust them most of the detectives leave. The ones remaining get the trust of L and get to come face to face with him.

They seem to be the brightest of the bunch too. They are disgruntled at first sure, after everything they’ve been through I can’t blame them. L must be a hard person to join forces with, you don’t know who he is or anything about him. Coming to face him doesn’t help either as he’s such a odd character that they are unnerved.

That is until he tells them everything he knows or thinks.

Seeing L work thinks out and at the same time seeing Light work out the same problem to see if he’s covered his back was so cool. Again L doesn’t think like normal people so he’s able to untwist all the things that Light did to put them off guard. They are formidable foes.

What really makes the Task Force trust him though is the fact that he is, seemingly, able to not only bring down the timeline and pin point a handful of days to look at. It closes the gap even further.

The fact that Light’s dad puts everything in L’s hands is great too.

Whilst the rest of his team still have their doubts he doesn’t doubt a single thing that L says to him.

Everyone I know says that L is their favourite character and I can see why. Like all genius detectives he’s eccentric in his working outs. He looks strange with big unblinking eyes, eyes that look much like Ryuks then any other humans. He sits funny on chairs, holds things weird and seems not to be of this world. Yet he’s on the ball with everything, he figures things out so simply and can unravel everything that Light throws at him.Whilst having no real personality he has it in buckets too. He’s so odd and out of this world that you just feel like you want to listen to him and watch him the whole time. He’s so charismatic whilst not actually doing anything that you feel drawn to him.

Light on the other hand whilst being interesting in his own way doesn’t stand out at all.

In the story this he uses to his advantage.

Whilst you’d never be able not to notice L if he walked into a room there is nothing strange about Light when he walks in so you’d automatically feel at ease with him.

I said that Raye was a idiot but unfortunately his fiancée whilst being slightly more switched on then him makes more then one fatal mistake in this episode. Whilst looking for Kira herself she’s the first person to realise that he can kill people in more ways then just a heart attack. She’s still suspicious of the highjacking that Raye was part of and goes to tell the task force about it, she knows L from working with him previously but L has the whole task force locked up without their mobiles on in a hotel room so she comes face to face with Light who plays the innocent little boy act with her and wins her over.

Light is so bloody lucky. He’s surrounded by people who don’t even think about what they are saying. She gives him her name and tells him everything she knows. Its just strange. She even tells him about Raye fully knowing that all this information probably is too much  to be sharing. When you have a unknown killer killing people pretty much magically why would you trust anyone? She doesn’t trust the receptionist, OK she also knows that there is a leak in the police force so fair enough, but she then trusts a kid just because he’s the son of one of the task force?!

Man the stupidity seems to be catching.


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