Death Note : Tactics

Episode 5

“Kakehiki” (駆引)

With the knowledge of who is following him what is Lights next move?

Again its a intelligent one. This is becoming a chess game between him and L.

He doesn’t go straight for the kill but waits a whole 8 days, enough time for Raye to have moved on with his investigation, to go into action. He also thinks big when doing so.

First off though Raye Penber is a total idiot.

The guy, after the bus highjack, goes back to his finacée who is a former FBI agent. She tells him that the whole thing seems suspicious but for some reason he just gets angry. Like seriously? He doesn’t even consider what she says he just has a go at the poor woman. The thing is she’s completely correct, she’s read the whole situation perfectly and him NOT heeding what she said or reporting how strange the incident was meant that his death at the moment goes in vain.

Like seriously it made me ANGRY how stupid he was.

A guy who can kill people by just knowing their face, is known for killing criminals of all kinds, and when a criminal gets on a bus and acts weird before dying WHILST INVESTIGATING A SUSPECT you don’t think its worth worrying about?!

Again though Light’s plot not only to kill Raye but all the FBI agents is something that no normal straight forward thinking person would come up with. There were so many things that could go wrong, so many things that could end up having him arrested. For a start he doesn’t really know that Raye’s name is Raye Penber so he’s banking on the man not having a fake ID with him. Thankfully as I said last week the FBI were stupid enough not to give fake IDs out.

He lures Raye onto the train by threatening the person he cares most about and makes him write the name of his superior on a piece of the Death Note. The great thing is he’s cut out holes in some card and put the Death Note page behind it so that next to the boxes where Raye is putting the names are instructions. First up he gets Raye to put his supervisors name, next to the name unbeknown to Raye is the action of the supervisor sending Raye all the FBI agents names in a e-mail before dying. After that its as simple as Raye putting the remaining names onto the Death Note and he’s done Kira’s job for him.

It was just so well thought out. I couldn’t believe how great it was. The whole episode kind of had me on the edge of my seat trying to work out just what Light was about to do.

Just proves not only to what lengths Light is going to go to to beat L but also what lengths they’ll have to go to to protect themselves from Kira.

What this episode did do was prove to L that right now everything Light does isn’t really to live up to whatever he was doing beforehand. Right now this is a direct challenge to L himself to come find him.

Its going to become so much more interesting so much faster then I expected.


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