Plymouth Wrestling Association : Showdown

The final PWA show of the year promised to have PWA go out with a bang. After a amazing turn out for their last show I was under no doubt they would.

Winner : Grayson Reeves

I loved the late addition of JD Knight to the match. I’m no fan of Max Alexander, not that it will surprise anyone, so having JD in the match really made it for me. I mean Max Alexander plays his part well but the back and forth between Knight and Reeves was perfect, it was like a big brother trying to teach his little brother how to be very annoying whilst beating up the nerd they keep around just in case they get bored.

Really enjoyed the test of strength at the beginning and was interesting to see JD and Grayson work together. Perfect timing between the two of them and some great moments from Alexander battling back taking advantage of the two of them not being able to get along for long.

Its weird seeing JD Knight not be the most booed person in the ring but you have to hand it to Grayson, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand all match long. The guy is just great at what he’s doing right now. Brilliant way for Grayson to hold onto his title too, quick roll up after Alexander turned his back on him and he struts off (yes he strutted… In the opposite direction of JD Knight) with his belt. Great opening match made even better by the victorious Grayson Reeves.


Winners : The Kings Court

For me this match was wild. It was the birth of Burger Tits, the brand new and very approved nickname of Jason King. My personal favourite moment was the appearance of Vixxen, I have missed her so much since she left Pride and happy to see her around again. In between Burger Tits and Vixxen there was some wrestling and it was actually pretty awesome.

The Kings Court really owned the match, they isolated Harding which they had to do because they didn’t really want to face a angry giant but made sure to make it fun. Jason King has one hell of a personality, you can’t help but get involved in his matches. From the moment he walks out you just can’t stop from either cheering him, which we try to do very loudly, or booing him. Adam Flint is great as the comedy sidekick but I don’t think PWA have seen the best of Flint yet. As a team you might laugh at their comedic ways but they are formidable, both of them are extremely talented individuals and there were some beautiful moments in the match.

No one ever thought Harding and Krieger would stick it out as a duo and Vixxen only having to motion for Krieger to follow her shows that we were very right.Harding put up a good fight and if there is something you can say about him it is that he never gives up.

Great match for the Kings Court, wonder how Harding is going to take being abandoned by his partner…

Winners : The Bristol Boys

What a sad day it was. The day that the love affair between PJ Jones and the UK Dominator finally was destroyed for good. Poor PJ… He’s such a lovable idiot, everyone seemed much happier to see him helping the Bristol Boys out at the end then to still be with Dom. He didn’t deserve what he got. It was just cruel.

To be honest that whole story kinda dominated the match. You didn’t want to take your eyes off of PJ and Dom because the story was so interesting. They spent most of the match in the ring anyway and the one time that I remember their team NOT being in the ring and PJ decided he didn’t want to stand with Dom so stood on the opposite empty corner. I will admit sitting there in my Winner t-shirt I wasn’t paying enough attention to anything other then that story but when they were eliminated it was nice to see the Bristol Boys take control of the match and take it to the Renegades, I mean they didn’t waste any time getting in the ring to begin with.

Really hoping the Bristol Boys get a shot at the tag belts and get them. Would love to see Bristol Boys vs Kings Court for the belts at the Anniversary show next year even if I do think Jason is best on his own. Those two teams facing up against each other would be great.


Winners : Mitchell Starr & Dick Riley & Eddie Ryan

This match had possibly the weirdest line up yet it was such a good match. PWA have had some great six-men tag team matches recently and they are always worth seeing. Luke Phoenix seemed to be very angry at something which overshadowed Baine and Knott but personally his wrestling didn’t really match up to his temper.

They actually managed to use that angry little man to keep the match in their favour though. As always they bent the rules so that even though there were three men on each side they seemed to always have a extra man. They isolated whoever was in the ring with them and was always aware of what was going on using distractions to their advantage. They made a good team really.

Really great match that ended with a superkick to Baine and the home town hero Eddie Ryan getting a three count. He didn’t have too much to do in the match and no one on the other side wanted to get into a fight with him, which is understandable, so it was fitting that he got the pin in front of his home crowd who were 100% behind him all match long.

Another great match, really loved seeing Mitchell Starr back too.


Winner : Robin Lekime

Robin Lekime is a monster, a real monster. I was hoping especially with all his students around that Tyler would be able to one up Lekime but he just couldn’t. The guy is just too damn dangerous.

It was a good match and a good match up. Lekime had to battle Hawke’s speed whilst Hawke tried not to get too close to his opponent. Unfortunately in the end the speed decreased and when Hawke got too close he ended up with Lekime wrapped around him, which isn’t what you wanted.

They utilised the students really well in the match having one actually at ring side and the others get in the ring at the end when Lekime was bad mouthing them. It was actually a really sweet moment seeing the kids flock into the ring whilst the adult members tried to take down Lekime, even better seeing Mad Dog get in there too but there was just no stopping him. Tyler has been a wonderful champion and I don’t think anyone wanted to see him lose. Nice that he got a super kick in right at the end so he didn’t go down without some fight but by then it was too late, he’d lost the belt. Great ending to the evening and a good end to the year, we start next year off with a rather vicious champion.



As you know we don’t really usually stay around for the Meet & Greets in Plymouth, Christy has kinda grabbed a photo with Eddie Ryan and Tyler Hawke a few times with the free ones but I’ve never really bothered. This time I kinda did mainly because I felt like treating myself.

A giant thank you to John Harding for his words of encouragement. Dude is a class act, had seen the hard times I was going through and gave me a hug and a pep talk then a high five when he heard the good news that I had got a new job that afternoon. Didn’t have to say anything at all so the fact he took time out to do so speaks volumes.

The big news though is I got a photo with Grayson Reeves. The sad news is my hair hates me so I look like a idiot.There was fan girly sentiments written here about how cute he is that had to be deleted before I get told off (but he is shorter then I thought he was and has perfect hair…….) but that leaves me just needing a photo with Jason King to have a perfect set of photos of my favourite local wrestlers.


Oh and Christy become obsessed with Kreiger, she’s always thought he was cool because he’s so tall so it wasn’t a surprise she saw people talking to him and wanted me to go with her to get a photo with him.



Really happy for just how well the evening seemed to go for PWA. Another packed show with great matches that got the crowd pumped up the whole night long. At one point it looked like they’d made a bad decision to move venues but the last two shows they’ve come out with so much confidence and absolutely nailed it both times. They have the fans coming back every show now and they have the talent to entertain them.

Some great matches as well. Loved the opener, got the crowd worked up right from the start with the underdog story. Poor Max needed all the support he could get up against the two bullies and its just so easy to boo both JD Knight and Grayson Reeves. They really got the crowd going which then carried on through the night. First half was my favourite to be honest loved the tag match and return to wrestling of Vixxen as well as the elimination tag team match. The main event was brilliant as well and Lekime does a good job of making the world hate him, there  just isn’t anything to like about him as a character but what he does in the ring is just amazing.

My favourite match was probably the opening match. It told a good story, was real fun and started the night off with a bang. Again 12 months ago I didn’t like Grayson Reeves much, in fact looking back last November he was actually tagging up with Max Alexander (they lost… as Max Alexander tends to do other then that one time) and was totally overshadowed by Jason King and Mark Walsh. NOW he’s always one of the highlights of the evening, his change in attitude was a big part in that and made him much more enjoyable to watch but also there is no denying that out of every wrestler I’ve seen he’s the one that is constantly improving and is still nowhere near his actual potential yet. Just 12 months made such a huge difference it’ll be interesting to see where he is this time next year.

Mitchell Starr is such a good addition to PWA and I hope he returns time and time again, the guy has such a huge personality, like you can dress up as loud as you want but you have to have the personality to carry it off and he really does. He’s real good in the ring too and I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet as his match with Dom was much slower paced and much more aimed at the comedy side of it whilst obviously in a six-man tag match you aren’t going to see the best of someone. Can’t wait to see him again.

Also so happy to see Adam Flint again, it feels like forever since I saw him wrestle last and he’s really good, he gets better every time I see him. Kings Court are probably my favourite duo at the moment but puts me in the dilemma that I’d love to see them as a team going up against the champions but I just love Jason King solo too. I don’t think there is a challenge them two couldn’t overcome.

I don’t think I have a Wrestler of the Night, so many tag matches and it would be too easy to just say Grayson Reeves. If anything the performance of PJ Jones is possibly not Oscar worthy but maybe deserving of some kind of award. Eddie Ryan probably got the biggest cheer of the night but it isn’t really surprising seeing he’s Plymouth’s own superhero. So many great moments during the whole night its hard to pick just one person.

Moment of the night again there were a few but Vixxen arriving made me extremely happy and the ending of the night was well played with the trainees getting in the ring. Those two moments are probably my pick though if I sat here long enough I’d come up with a list as long as my arm.

PWA might be a small local company, it doesn’t really have the same feeling as other shows but they’ve figured out what works for them and I’m happy they have. I said that one of the most important things they have is Luke and he’s really come into his own, he even has a bit of a double act with Ed going on. I don’t know why, as we hear him shouting all the time, but I can’t actually imagine Ed Dyer having a voice anymore just by watching him and Luke getting the crowd riled up for the next match. The closing moments only worked so well because you feel like you know Luke. He isn’t just some guy that stands in the ring and tells us what happens next you know he’s a good hearted guy and him having to give the belt to someone like Lekime wasn’t something you wanted to see.

Its nice to see them doing so well. Gonna miss them until January as their shows have become must see’s. Will have a look back blog or two at the end of the year so if you have any memories or stuff you want to share then send them to us via the comments section, Facebook, Twitter or any other way you can find.

That was it for 2016 for PWA though their next event is in January and as their tickets tend to sell out now its always best to get in there as quick as possible to make sure you get a seat.

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