Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Get the Super-Rare Items!

Episode 6

“Oyamitsudo o Ageru yō!” (親密度を上げるよう!)

The episode before gave us a look into some of the characters we’ve yet to get to know. Of course most importantly it started the fight between Cranberry and La Pucelle which will conclude in this episode.

Like slowly I’ve been saying that shit is getting real in this anime but it isn’t till this episode that it really got real. It isn’t holding back. Not only are guys like Swim Swim and co stealing candies but they also seem to have forgotten that to survive you just need to collect candies as they seem to have geared up for war.

Fav is the devil I’m sure he is. Dude seems to be working FOR Cranberry more then anything and there are hints that this isn’t the first time either of them have been down this road. It seems its the first time they used the game to find people and he seems to be under the impression it meant they’d get younger people who are much more emotional. The fact him and Cranberry have some sort of deal going on and that he calls her Master is worrying and I wonder what Cranberry is in real life. One thing is for sure she ain’t going to be the one that survives. I just can’t see it. She’s too bloodthirsty, I can see maybe Calamity Mary surviving but not her.

Which brings us to her fight with La Pucelle. As you might have guessed she wins and La Pucelle, sweet little Magical Girl/Boy Sou is now dead. She made it look like a accident by throwing him in front of a truck but she beat the hell out of him. I was surprised really by how bloody it got because it wasn’t like La Pucelle was just coughing up blood she was covered in it. It was a good fight but one that shows that I don’t think anyone on their own could bring down Cranberry in a fight. Ripple and Weiss Winterprison with the help of Sister Nana, Top Speed and Snow White might be able to take her down but that is pretty much over half the remaining Magical Girls having to trust each other enough to do that. Snow White is obviously traumatised and from little hints from Fav knows that La Pucelle was killed and before she could get her shit together she’s involved in another brawl this time when Hardgore Alice gets beheaded by Magicaloid 44 just to be threatened by Magicaloid and then be there when Hardgore Alice kills Magicaloid. Yes it seems Hardgore Alice is in fact Zombie Magical Girl which is deadly cool. I mean I’ve always thought Calamity Mary would be the coolest they’d get and she was let down by the way she’s dressed but Alice instantly is just awesome.

Warning to viewers though I guess is that if you get any kind of backstory in a episode there is a good chance you’ll die. We found out that Magicaloid is actually homeless and didn’t want to be a Magical Girl at all anyway, she only went out to kill someone to stick by Mary and now she’s dead. I have a feeling the second we find out what the hell 6 months means to Top Speed (still think she’s preggers) she’ll be dead too… Though then again if she is pregnant would the story really kill her off? This isn’t going to end well.

I guess a quick word on Swim Swim and her group. This episode saw magical items being added to the game, there was only one of each and the cost was a few years off your lifespan. Ruler herself knew this group was pretty useless and that is why she devised the plan to steal Snow White’s candy but its obvious Swim Swim has no belief in her group to gather enough candies to survive. She herself buys the most expensive item that takes 25 years off her natural lifespan only to give that item to Tama and take the item Tama had chosen. Each of the members got something and the only other person we see take something is Mary. Its shown that you can give these items away so its possible that someone would kill for them as well. Swim Swim even names her weapon after Ruler which is cold. I just think their group is going to put themselves into a situation that they can’t get out of. Plus who would really give up ANY amount of their life? You don’t know how long your life span is, she might only be set to LIVE another 25 years so for her to give up 25 years for something she isn’t going to use it just seems counter productive to buying it to survive.

Fav really is playing a nasty game with these people. A very nasty game.


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