Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 : A Room Where We Can Someday See the Ocean

Episode 3/15

“Itsuka Umi no Mieru Heya de” (いつか海の見える部屋で)

The story of Dazai and the days before the Agency continue…

It truly isn’t the story of Dazai I guess. Its the ongoing weekly torture of Oda. The man survives his near death experience last episode just to be thrown through a ringer again this episode. What season 2 has managed to do that season 1 never did was make you care for the main character completely and utterly. Whilst I found Atsushi impossible to like for long stretches and the constant need to remind him and the audience that he was unwanted in his childhood destroyed any attachment I might have felt for him the character of Oda just oozes with heart breaking stories that you can truly get behind without slapping us in the face with them every ten seconds and the fact that he just gets on with life makes him relatable and likeable. Two things you’d never accuse Atsushi of being for too long.

This episode is a emotional rollercoaster and continues to do what season 2 has done best from the beginning. It mixes the highly action packed and dramatic moments with the quieter and highly emotional moments perfectly. The use of sound is perfect to get your heart racing just before it stops completely. From the highs of being happy to see Oda still alive to the lows at the end of the episode hearing the heart wrenching screams of Oda, everything in between is perfectly placed to make you a crying mess by the end.

My favourite moment was seeing all three in the bar again. Hearing Dazai tell us exactly what was going on, seeing them exchanging information before saying their goodbyes was beautifully done. Its a friendship that you can get behind completely and utterly and the dangers all three put themselves in hit you as they sit there calmly drinking their drinks and talking like they were discussing a TV show they’d just watched. All three are extremely cool characters and very much know their place.

We also got to see the leader of Mimic in this episode, Gide is super cool and shares the same ability as Oda. Their fight was brilliant, I love how they both could not only see what the other would do but got a updated version seconds later after they’d adjusted themselves to their vision. To take down Gide, if that is what happens, I believe that Oda and Dazai are going to have to play it extremely smart. Gide’s ultimate purpose has led him to Oda which is no good thing for Oda but his decision not to kill and not to help is only ever going to bring him pain.

I loved the whole writing a story thing going on with Oda too and its sad that all throughout the episode we’re told “I can’t kill if I want to write a story about people” just for the episode to end with him deciding he’ll never be a writer.

These three episodes have honestly outshone anything the first series has done. I could easily stay watching Dazai past for the rest of the series even though I’d miss Rampo, I’d get over it. These characters are just so much more interesting.


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