Bungo Stray Dogs Season 2 : Bungo Stray Dogs

Episode 4/16

“Bungō Sutorei Doggusu” (文豪ストレイドッグス)

The Mafia are being left to deal with Mimic, how are they going to defeat a man like Gide?

You know that feeling of complete bliss when your two favourite characters in a series who have no real reason to ever meet end up meeting? That feeling is even better when it happens and manages to make a scene even better then it was going to be?

I was just sitting here thinking to myself “man is this opening scene with Dazai and Oda impactful” what with the haunting song playing over the top of their heart to heart, the lightening in the background whilst Dazai half heartedly tries to stop Oda from walking to his death, Oda walking along in the rain then BAM the music stops as Rampo runs straight into Oda. A few funny seconds before Rampo warns Oda he’ll die if he continues to go where he is planning on going.

Seriously I was just saying in the last review I was upset there was no Rampo but didn’t want to go back to the main story because this story has been so good and here I am completely fulfilled of my Rampo craving and happy to never return to Atsushi.

All joking aside the episode was the best so far.

These four episodes have done so much to make the Mafia look bad ass, whilst I thought the characters of the Mafia looked bad ass to being with they had the problem of being very easily defeated which left them looking real weak. If anything this has just made them the threat they deserve to be. The Agency might be strong but the Mafia needed to be just as strong and finally they are.

It was the episodes use of sound that really made it one of the best of the whole entire series so far. From the sad song playing over Dazai and Oda at the beginning to the musical number playing over the very beautifully done fight scene with Oda and Gide. Every piece of music, every time it went silent, every switch was perfect. It made what you were seeing all that more breath taking. Which was amazing because the fight between Oda and Gide was breath taking anyway as you’d expect from two people who pretty much are exactly the same. They couldn’t rely on their power because the other one has it too and it was like a elaborate dance more then a gun fight.

What it did so well was keep your attention on the show. Episode 4 is very wordy, a lot of the series has been very wordy but episode 4 is one big speech/conversation after another. Dazai told Oda why he joined the Mafia, Dazai and Mori have a discussion that tells us how Mori had set this all up to get a permit from the government basically sanctioning everything they do, Oda and Gide have a coming together of their ideals which holds your attention right till the last gun shot. There wasn’t one character that you thought you’d get away with ignoring, you were captivated by each and every one of them.

Unfortunately this is the end of this story and we will be going back to the main story in episode 5. What we have learnt though is that Dazai isn’t a good guy or a bad guy he’s just a guy that doesn’t really belong in this world so has been put on the path to help people by his friend on his friends death bed. It kind of fit so perfectly I’m surprised I didn’t see it if I’m honest.

But what a beautiful 4 episodes these have been!


One thought on “Bungo Stray Dogs Season 2 : Bungo Stray Dogs”

  1. Definitely agree the first 4 episodes of this season were something to watch. Since then I’ve gradually been likingthe show less (much like my opinion of season 1) but at least this season opened with a bang and re-engaged all fo us who thought we wouldn’t make it through a season 2.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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