Bloodivores : Sapphire

Episode 5

I’m still not sold on the series but we will continue onto episode 5.

I’m kind of hoping the anime has been saved by the device inside Mi Liu’s arm and the character of Lou Yao.

In five minutes Lou Yao managed to destroy the entire threat they were under, his arrival also from the looks of it brings back Lee Shin to the group. I don’t care if it makes the entire rest of the group look stupid that he was able to defeat everything in seconds I’m just happy that they are finally going to be forced to do more then cry about being trapped and stand behind their blockade. Maybe just maybe they’ll all get out of the warehouse/building now.

Mi Liu just moped around the place without any of the usual moping charm. Again things just seem to happen to him and he takes it in his stride and understands it perfectly. The boy is only half human half Bloodivore I’m not buying that he’s meant to be over the top smart. He gets upset thinking Anji will die but he just fails to bring any real emotion at all.

Out of all the episodes I disliked this one the most whilst the last 5 or so minutes were probably the best so far in the series. The main characters just lack so much that flashy characters like Lou Yao and Lee Shin stand out more, they don’t necessary have much more character to them but they at least have something that makes them interesting.

I liked having the history of Bloodivores and the area explained, I like it when pieces of a story click together but it also feels like there was no real struggle for that information. I don’t know how much Mi Liu knew about all this beforehand but he didn’t react, again, to anything like it was important and whilst he was standing there as calm as anything he forgot all about his dying friend. He even decided to ask the computer another question after finding out about blood transfusions before going to help Anji and only stopped because he found the next part of his questioning to be behind a password.

That is my main problem. To go back to my colouring book metaphor it now feels like someone has moaned at the original colourer that they want to see more so instead of actually naturally continuing with it they’ve scanned it in and then just filled certain areas on paint. Whilst the colour scheme is still interesting its the cheap way out instead of putting effort into it.

Still I can’t help but feel I’m going to be much happier if we see much more of Lou Yao and Lee Shin. Whatever it is Mi Liu’s father is up to, whatever the mystery surrounding all this is and regardless of that spirit like thing that found Mi Liu at the end as long as those two are being badasses I’ll continue to watch.


One thought on “Bloodivores : Sapphire”

  1. There’s certainly a few interesting moments in this series and lots of ideas that could have been interesting, but the delivery continues to be as dull as they can make it and Mi Liu is definitely starting to bore as the protagonist. It would be nice to see him genuinely emoting in a situation or at least occasionally look surprised.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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