Bloodivores : Sacrifice

Episode 4

Having a while to think about the series I’m coming back for the fourth episode with a open mind. There were a lot of good things that I loved about the opening three episodes but I was never too sure it actually was worth the time watching. The story itself is interesting but the characters lacked anything to make them likable and the story ended up dragging.

I think my main problem with the series is that it doesn’t let anything develop. We got a introduction to the characters and the idea that Mi Liu is obsessed with keeping Anji safe but nothing natural was allowed to develop between any of those characters. We have the beginnings of a extremely interesting story that isn’t being developed. They split the group up which made me think the mysteries would be looked at by Mi Liu and company whilst the action was kept to the others but the mystery was hand waved away to focus on more and more action scenes.

This leads to me being very meh about the whole thing. Mi Liu is a interesting concept but a boring character. His understanding of their situation was pointless. He picked up a load of stuff and inferred a ridiculous story and then matter of factly explained it to Anji and the other girl without either of them calling bullshit on it. Now he’s probably right in his theory but that doesn’t mean that we as the audience should be happy that it was explained by a character that has just made this theory out of thin air.

Small character moments only came from Cho Ifen who is probably dead now after she shoved Anji into harms way and was then left to deal with the monsters that they were facing on her own.

The bigger group was even worse, it was just a mess of arguments surrounding a rather boring flashback to explain why all of a sudden Chen Fong and Win Chao are best of buddies and why Chen Fong has decided to take charge of the group.

For me I think the main problem right now is that its going on too long. EpisodeΒ 2 was fine, last episode should have just seen everyone escape, no splitting up just a culling of some of the characters not important to the story and they all escape or at least all the main ones escape together. This episode should have had the dual time lines as the inspector investigates in the present whilst these guys investigate and together come up with a theory in the future. Instead we’ll have ANOTHER episode were they haven’t actually moved that far, in fact from episode 2 only about 30 minutes or so must have occurred in their time line. I can’t make myself care about the danger they are in right now because its been dragged out for so long. Until they are out of that building nothing is going to change at all.

So its long winded yet doesn’t develop anything.

Which is why I’m so pissed at it in general because the whole concept is really interesting and the basic outline of the characters and the universe they inhabit looks great. Right now though its like a colouring book left bare with a few crayon scribbles here and there. The general colour scheme looks interesting but the person colouring it in hasn’t got any intention of finishing it so you are left either with the bare picture or trying to create the full coloured imagine in your head. I’m not the kind of person that likes to fill in the blanks with my own imagination so personally it disappoints me because there is real potential but right now its bogged down in a story that just keeps being dragged on.



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