Bloodivores : Choices

Episode 6

With the introduction of Lou Yao episode 5 managed to keep my interest in the series.

If I’m honest Mi Liu and Anji could have been eaten by the giant dragon flying around outside and I wouldn’t have cared. The two of them and their relationship just bored the hell out of me and I have no interest in them whereas even Chen Fong and Win Chao managed to be interesting in this episode.

Win Chao’s whole “I’m doing my own thing” speech made me laugh seeing he basically is pissed because he thinks that Mi Liu got them in this position then abandoned him so wants to follow the strongest personΒ there, Lou Yao, even though he’s just basically told them that unless you are useful you should just die.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Chen Fong, he’s currently left behind as the majority of the group decide to go after Lou Yao to survive in his protection but he isn’t completely on his own as he’s there with Lee Shin. Knowing that Mi Liu has escaped I have to wonder if he’ll actually go after him or if he’ll give up and go elsewhere, I personally don’t see him giving up but other then knowing that Mi Liu went through a air duct I don’t think he has much to go on to do anything of interesting.

Lou Yao continues to be the best character, his speeches are full of nothing but contempt for the people around him but his strength obviously speaks to those with weak wills.

Possibly the character that I’ve overlooked the most though is the guy doing the investigation in the real world, his investigation takes him to the orphanage that the three of Mi Liu’s friends grew up in. Whilst Mi Liu seems to get information thrown at him just as he needs it to become the voice of logic in any given conversation that guy is working his ass off to simply find where a bunch of death row inmates have disappeared to. He’s never really in the episode but I feel by the end of the series if you chopped out everything going on in the reality/world/timeline that Mi Liu is in and just had his investigation, the going on’s of Mi Liu’s father and whatever else happens to them the series would be much more interesting if a lot shorter.


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