Yonderland : The Bird & the Bee

Today we get to learn what a Yonderland Superhero/Vigilante would look like. Debbie needs to save the day whilst winning the hearts of the people of Yonderland once more.

Cuddly Dick’s plan to bring down the Chosen One comes into plan in this episode and it works in a instant. They couldn’t have picked a better person to pick up the mantel of the bad guy in Yonderland then Stephen Fry who brings such a cheerful character to life whilst plotting the destruction of everything he see’s. He’s not in it for long but his way with words reach far and near leaving travelling in Yonderland quite difficult for Debbie.

Their battle is interesting. Cuddly Dick has taken over control of the whole of the press so people only see what he wants them to see, its obvious no one knows of the people he’s invited to live with him and he even has a book out to tell them how horrible Debbie is. It isn’t going to be a easy battle to win people on side, especially a group of people as changeable and gullible as those in Yonderland. So far Cuddly Dick very much looks like the biggest challenge Debbie could possibly face.

I enjoyed their take on Batman a lot. In the usual Yonderland way his help was worse then if he’d just left them alone and Debbie just continues to help the people as best she can. I think its great that Debbie just gets on with it, she doesn’t worry too much about the fact everyone around them suddenly hates them and just continues to go about her job as best she can. Of course with such a Cuddly bad guy to bring down Debbie is fast understanding she’s up against possibly the only true mastermind in Yonderland.

The Elders continue to shine as they are hidden away in the attic. Things are going to be much more difficult now that Pete is home and its only luck that he doesn’t question why a strange man is walking around his house. Dan Renton Skinner is always great as Pete and I do feel extremely sorry for him at times.

As always its easy to solve the problem of the Bird and that is why its so nice, everything always tends to end up for the best and everyone gets on with their life but it isn’t really enough this time to bring Debbie back into the people’s hearts as the words of Cuddly Dick reach further then her good deeds.

We now have the loose cannon once more loose and cannon-ish as well. Being fed up of being treated badly Negatus is out and about and he’s managed to bring together his team once more. The question is whether or not he’s going to end up helping Debbie or hindering her. Well…. That is when he gets out off prison for graffiti!

The series simply gets better all the time.


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