Yonderland : Boo

Things get even more crazy with a full on war, the scariest thing Debbie could honestly think of running wild and Negatus behind bars.

Every episode is better then the last and the whole of this series has been absolutely brilliant so it isn’t a surprise I have a new favourite episode!

Have to say that Negatus and Simon Farnaby in general stole the show for me once more. All the prison stuff with Negatus was so funny, his “defeat” of Mr Big and his confession which was caught on the security cameras had me in fits of giggles. The faces he pulls are always hilarious and when the Elders are all on screen together I can’t help but keep my eyes glued to him or Jim Howick.

I was kind of sad that Debbie was the one that went and introduced Boo to the warring bakers, I felt like it was a opportunity for the Elders themselves to get some love back, after all sending Debbie to do their work can again be twisted by Cuddly Dick at any point so actually having them do something themselves would help them as well as it being time they got off their backsides and did something. Really loving how much of the Elders we’re seeing this series, in fact the whole change has been a great one, I didn’t know how it was going to continue with the threat of Imperatrix gone but it opening up and not just following Debbie around but the crazy adventures of the Elders has been great.

The war itself had me in stitches. I don’t know why but Howick reminded me of something out of Little Britain the way he went on about his cakes. Extremely odd scenes which fit perfectly into the Yonderland world.

Not much of Cuddly Dick in this episode, he manages to be cute and cuddly and deadly in the same breath. For us the audience the “Well and truly hugged” stuff both makes us laugh and cringe knowing that none of them would truly want a Cuddly Dick cuddle.

Debbie’s fear of clowns was interesting though it was nice that she got over it and seemed to befriend Boo, Boo himself was actually a rather creepy looking clown, well he wasn’t really a clown but I’m guessing that is what he’ll end up being. I really do love watching Pete bumbling around trying to be the perfect husband/dad and sometimes feel so sorry for him. His mistake of Magic Mike the stripper (instead of Magic Mike the Magician) wasn’t really that funny but the way he delivered the “have you?” line after Magic Mike asks him if he’d seen the film had me on the floor, literally.

Its just such a well put together show and I love it so much. I wonder what crazy things the Elders will get up to next week now they are camping out in the wild. Plus when did Choop’s hair grow back?!


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