Pride Promotions : Undisputed 2

I know this ended up being really late but I did go to the last Pride show in Taunton with the absolute legend that is Scott Hall. Whilst the review is completely irrelevant right now it was a wonderful show so I’m still going to share the review no matter how late it is.

Winner : PJ Jones

I’ve really liked Pride’s use of the spare time as people are still getting ready to put on matches or get people out to do promos. They opened Taunton with quite a fun but one sided opening match.

Jones had the match under his control for the majority of it, his ability to trash talk both his opponent and the crowd at the same time always makes him a fun guy to watch and he is a very talented guy. Its been nice to see him back with Pride and good to see him win. I was actually going to wear my Winners t-shirt and a bit sad I didn’t know.

Ashley Dunn is a impressive dude and when he had a few moments it was hell of a interesting to watch. I did love him in his tag team with Draven back in Plymouth but personally think he’d be a absolute credit to the Catch Division right at this moment.

Impressive match to start the night off. Anyone who missed it truly missed out.

Winners : The Magnums

I don’t know if I’d just seen the match up too much or what but I really didn’t like the match. For the end fight of their feud, a feud that included THAT match in Exeter, with the Legend Scott Hall at ring side, it just felt like a anti-climax. It also felt extremely short. There was no shenanigans, which was the whole point of having Scott Hall at ringside I guess, though to be fair Darren did say that House of Bones could have Dom at ringside just for him to be sent right to the back again. It was a good match up but nothing really happened to mark it out above any of their other matches, we already knew that House of Bones and the Magnums was a good match up but up till now all their matches had something different going on for it whilst this one just felt like muted handing over of the trophies.

Dick Riley and Lomax were by far the two stand out guys in the match. Riley’s athleticism is breathtaking at some points and you get a real feeling of not being able to figure out just what he’ll do next.

It was cool to see Scott Hall, dude is a true legend, lovely moment of him handing over a trophy to the Magnums. Its one of those magical moments you’ll only get once in a lifetime and I’m happy I got to go see him.

The match though was a bit anti-climax to a great feud, it didn’t even have the fun feeling when the Magnums came down to the ring or left. Nice to see the Magnums with the trophies though and will be interesting to see who Pride can bring in to face them seeing House of Bones can’t ask for a re-match and I can’t think of any other tag team (other then Draven/Dunn) we’ve seen recently.

Winner : Nadia Sapphire

I enjoyed this match a lot and am over the moon that Nadia Sapphire won, which is strange because I didn’t like her at all in January and only half changed my mind on her when I saw her in Tavistock but I’ve completely changed my mind on her now. Nadia’s personality that made the match, her leaving the ring and moaning about her eyelashes or her nails and then getting back in to actually kick the living daylights out of Chardonnay was great.

Never seen Chardonnay before this match but instantly liked her, some of her kicks were just nasty to watch and her reaction to the stupid things Nadia was doing was priceless. Never before have I seen someone destroy someone’s makeup whatever you call them (do I look like I know technical terms for makeup?) with such delight. It might sound stupid but it was that moment when you knew that shit was about to go down. It was one of the best matches in the evening.

She had to cheat to win spraying her spray into the face of Chardonnay but it was done well. Chardonnay obviously looked pissed as Nadia ran off with her trophy and I’d love to see a re-match down the line.

Winner : Kelly Sixx

You know when a match has any of these guys in it that its going to be one of the matches of the evening and these guys really did kick ass.

Knott was fantastic in the match as the stronger of the three, he was in the thick of it throughout the match. His feud with Tiger so far has been one of the best parts of the recent months in Pride and he honestly kicked ass all match long. Him and Tiger deserve a lot of credit for making the ladder work in the match, as there was no structure for the trophy to be suspended by and the match was simply a hardcore match there was no real need for the ladder but man did they make it work and it was cool seeing them use it.

Sixx and Kat von Kaige were amazing as a team too. As much as I miss Keizer when he isn’t there, von Kaige’s silence speaks for itself. She was a very big presence in the match nearer the end of it, breaking up some pin attempts and finally handcuffing Tiger to the bottom rope giving Sixx the victory. That isn’t to say that he only won because of her…. Well he did and he didn’t. Sixx is by far one of the most talented guys Pride have on their roster and he always is a highlight of the evening and it was no difference. Its about time he got the trophy so I’m happy he won.

One of the best matches this year. All three guys are just fantastic. It’ll be interesting with a lot of people either joining Pride or coming back to Pride to see who is up next for Kelly Sixx and the Soul Society. Some interesting match ups look to be on the horizon.

Winner : Adam Rose

If I thought that Grado vs Cyrus was funny then I hadn’t seen anything till he faced up against Adam Rose.

Rose was a good match up for Cyrus, he always seemed to be a step ahead of whatever the Massive guy had in store for him. Some fantastic moments in the match and again like the Grado match it gave Cyrus a chance to show off his skills. I love Mr Massive I think he’s got a great personality and even though its larger then life like Adam Rose’s it definitely overshadowed Rose a little, of course seeing Adam Rose live was a fantastic experience, Rosebuds and all.

Once more Mr Massive’s weak spot was attacked as Rose attacked him with a lollipop which ended up in not such a nice place for Cyrus. Really loved the match and hope I’ll get to see Adam Rose again one day.

I have to say that Grayson Reeves was a very interesting Rosebud. I don’t know what he was meant to be, he looked very out of place and couldn’t keep up with the people in front of him. It was a interesting look for him though but he is definitely a better wrestler then he is a Rosebud. The fact I was more interested trying to take a picture of him as a Rosebud then of Adam Rose circling the rings says more about me then you’d ever need to know. [Since me starting this review its been confirmed that Grayson will now be wrestling for Pride in the future so people can actually see that I’m right that he’s a top class wrestler and much better at it then being a Rosebud!]

Winner : Ash Draven (DQ)

It wasn’t really a match. The thing with Wellsprings is that it kind of sucks the sound out of the room so I don’t know if it was really as silent as it felt (I am partially deaf too I guess) or if it was just silent but the absolute non-reaction to Dom coming out and kicking Ash Dravens ass with Baine and having the match thrown out before it began made it a odd moment that just didn’t work.

For me it didn’t work anyway. I mean you have a locker room full of guys like Andrews, Ryan, Tiger and Harding who you just know those guys wouldn’t stand for that kind of bullshit so for it to go on as long as it did with absolutely no real reaction from anyone and then the Darren Saviour chants started and Darren didn’t really know how to react… It dragged on and you were wondering who would stop it just for the whole locker room to be ass holes and leave this puny little guy to be murdered by the Right Said Fred tribute act whilst Darren Saviour argued with the crowd that he wouldn’t be getting in the ring…

All this because Dom is angry he’s facing Adam Maxted in Paignton on December 11th?

Winner : Bram

It was absolute carnage after it got down to four men. Don’t get me wrong James Baker was entertaining as he always is when we see him in Taunton and John Harding had some great moments. I would actually quite like to see them two in a singles match against each other because I found the opening of the match quite entertaining. There was a bit of a brawl outside when Baker refused to leave which was ended by a flying Chris Andrews but then it went back to just being a normal elimination match.

Soon as Harding was gone the other four beat the living hell out of each other. Refs lost complete control of the match and THEN the crowd picked up.

Honestly Bram is so much fun to watch live. I understand why some people got pissed off that he was stealing their drinks but he’s just a complete badass that doesn’t care. That said he did hit Andrews a little too hard which opened Andrews up, for those who don’t mind blood it was amazing visuals to the match and also seemed to endear Andrews to the people sat behind us that didn’t seem to care much for any of the regulars in the match. Those two didn’t stop though, not for a second. I wasn’t surprised to see Williams out next but was quite surprised to see Eddie out before Andrews. Also was extremely sad as it ended his reign quite abruptly but he’s been one hell of a champion. I’m guessing this is going to lead to Ryan vs Lomaxx as Lomaxx and Gideon came down and took him out leading to him losing. I’m so hoping that Lomaxx is going to be entering the Heavyweight picture soon as he’d be such a awesome champion.

Now I always kinda wanted Bram to win but the amount of punishment that Andrews took and he kept getting back up and giving back to Bram as good as he was getting I kinda was real sad to see him lose too. Chris Andrews is simply amazing.

After the match Tiger came down to the ring. You might not remember but back in May in one of the craziest matches I’ve ever seen Ultimo Tiger beat Bram in a street fight that ended up in Teignmouths Morrison’s car park. Obviously with a win on the new champion Tiger feels its his time to go up for the big one. After losing to Kenny Omega back in January (in Taunton) it looks like Tiger is going to show just how far he’s come and try to bring the Pride Heavyweight championship home with him just in time for Christmas.


It was a great Meet & Greet. The Scott Hall one was before the show started anyway so we got to get our photo and a autograph with the Bad Guy.

Really great to see Bram once more who was extremely proud of a sign some kid had made him which he had to show me. Second time I met him and he’s been the loveliest guy in the room and can’t believe how many people tell me he’s a total ass hole. He really was just such a cool guy to meet.

Also got my selfie with Adam Rose. Again he was really nice to meet and very friendly. Always loved Adam Rose and the night just made me a bigger fan.

Of course got some photos with the old favourites too!



It wasn’t my favourite Pride show but looking back at how many of them I’ve been to this year that isn’t saying much really as none of them have been bad. It was bloody well organised and you have to give a hand to all the guys that were working there that they got people in for the meet and greet with Hall, people to their seats and the show started without any big issue’s as far as I could tell!

I don’t really like Wellsprings as a venue, it always seems so quiet. Two times it felt like it had exploded with noise was the Darren Saviour chants (very loudly from our side of the ring) and during the main event. The women’s match it really stood out. Then again I also love the venue because out of the three shows two of them have had the lights on so I’ve been able to get some good photos.

Still well worth the travel to get there though regardless.

Two matches that probably will make my end of year look back at Pride in this show. The Catch Division match was simply fantastic to watch and the main event started off slowly, exploded and ended so well. The women’s match was also top quality and can’t wait to see Nadia ruling the women’s division.

Every championship changed hands. I’m a little sad that Tiger has gone to the heavyweight side of the show as I’d have liked to see him fight Kelly for the trophy at least once one-on-one, specially as Tiger was handcuffed to the ring ropes. It would have made more sense to have Kelly pin Tiger and Knott being handcuffed. That isn’t to say that I can’t wait for Bram vs Tiger part 2 because their first match against each other in Teignmouth in May is one of my favourite matches all year.

Man of the night has to be either Kelly Sixx or Chris Andrews. If anything Andrews truly was the hero of the night, the beating he took and to then carry on…. It was a beautiful run for him in the match. Sixx deserves the Catch Division trophy though the guy was amazing from the first match I’ve seen him in this year and has improved every single time.

It was a great moment to get to meet a legend like Scott Hall even if I never really liked him that much, you can’t deny his legendary status and it was cool to meet him. Then again Bram is still my favourite “big name” I’ve met all year at Pride and he’ll continue to be so. Guy is just so awesome. In the ring he absolutely destroys his opponents and outside of it (like literally 10 or 20 minutes after rubbing someones blood on his chest) he’s such a sweetheart. Just awesome to meet him.

Taunton kinda has a soft spot in my heart as I forced Fiona to come see Undisputed back in January with me and she went from saying “yeah I don’t think its my thing I doubt I’ll enjoy it” to telling Nadia she’s wearing a wig. It was funny seeing her sit there glaring at Nadia the whole time.

The next event is December 11th in Paignton for Heroes and Legends. Bram vs Tiger is a must see so make sure you get your tickets! Also going to star James Storm so well worth going.

Event page ….

Plus give Pride a follow. They’ve had some big announcements this week about what they’ll be doing next year as well as surprising us Plymouth fans by announcing the return of Tyler Hawke (for anyone who doesn’t read my PWA reviews that man is such a credit to every company he works for, absolute top guy and can’t wait to see him on Sunday here in Plymouth defending his well earned title) and the introduction of Grayson Reeves (well I’m happy about that one, which should surprise no one seeing he’s suddendly become one of my favourites…) Really give them some love because they are a fantastic company.

Facebook :
Twitter : @ProPWP

Website :

Go buy some of their merch and stuff on the website too because it all goes to a good cause.

Seriously though I do love all the promotions I go to around this way and don’t like to see any of them in a bad way. I probably am a little more fond of Pride over the others because I’ve been to so many more of their shows this year and they’ve given me as a fan the chance to meet some of the most amazing wrestlers I could ever imagine meeting. From just seeing Kenny Omega live (I didn’t get to do the meet and greet) to meeting Tommy Dreamer, Bram, Scott Hall and bloody Raven. All their regulars, and even regulars that aren’t here anymore, always put on a great show then come out and talk to fans after the show. The guys running it do their best to take time out to talk to fans even when ran off their feet and they are always thinking of us as well. Plus where would I be if I didn’t have the chance to moan about Ultimo Tiger every month?

If you don’t know the pain and suffering I’m enduring right now it is here on the blog for you all to see so I really mean it when I say I’d sell my soul to make sure I get to the two last events of the year (going 100% to Paignton, going to see if I can blag the money for the minibus to Penzance as well) the Penzance show is a free show but you have to book your tickets with them NOW they are running out of tickets!

So I guess I’ll end this blog (other then of course with the photos) saying Thank You to Pride for another wonderful evening. Overall every single Pride show has been brilliant this year and this was no different.



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