Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Update Notice!

Episode 3

“Bājon Appu no Oshirase!” (バージョンアップのお知らせ!)

The consequences of losing their place as a Magical Girl was shown to be very sad and extremely final in the last episode. Will the other girls find out what fate awaits them?

One thing I really liked about the episode is that it showed the splits that already exist. You get to see into the lives of one of those groups, the big one lead by Ruler, and just how desperate they can get. You then see a smaller one as Sister Nana invites the people she likes to have a look at a video log she found between Fav and Cranberry which has Fav explain that if a Magical Girl loses the essence that makes the a Magical Girl they’ll die. By the end of the episode they all knew but it is very obvious that with big groups forming or even just seen to form that all out war between them could very much happen.

It was nice having the episode really focus on Ruler’s group though. The Twins trying to get popular with the help of Tama was funny but also showed that they are very prone to jealousy (the twins not Tama) as they were only trying to become more popular because Snow White is popular. The problem is they missed the fundamentally important reason why Snow White is sighted so often and therefore popular. She works her butt off to help people. Whilst Snow White is out once more saving the day and being the top earning Magical Girl in her region these guys don’t do much, Ruler herself has to go out of her way to find a easy job none of them could mess up to help them make candies.

One thing it also highlighted, much like Nemu, is that some of the powers aren’t really designed to help. Whilst Snow White’s special power is being able to hear people who need help, giving her a advantage over the field anyway, Nemu was the power of helping people in dreams. Problem is helping them in dreams gave her no real candy. She was introverted so less likely to leave the house and her power seemed to reflect that thus putting her in a very bad position. Tama again in this episode was shown to have a rather unhelpful gift of being able to make holes. I don’t know if she can actually control how big those holes are but there isn’t going to be much need for that ability. Tama, like Nemu, seems to not be a very outgoing person so going out of her way to find people who need help and helping them is going to be hard for her and she’d have to do it without help from her powers. Nemu was on her own but at least this bunch have Ruler who seems determined to make sure her group survive no matter what she has to do to save them.

The announcement that you die when your powers go wasn’t the big notice though. By the end of the episode everyone knew about it but they also knew something else.

Fav had made it so people could share their candies. Someone like Snow White therefore could save La Pucelle if by the end of the week La Pucelle didn’t have many candies of her own. That is all well and good for a duo but again Ruler is at a disadvantage that she’s got the twins, Tama and Swim Swim with her. It brings out the worst in them as Ruler makes a plan to steal Snow White’s candies just before the announcement and thus save her group. It isn’t very Magical Girlish but proves that they will just about do anything to save their group.

I honestly don’t know what is going on. It has kept that cheerful and light feeling so far and there is still that over all feel that everything is going to somehow be OK. It made Nemu’s death so impactful because it really stood out from the rest of the show. You see these characters being their normal selves, so far because the dangers they are in aren’t really in the forefront of their mind, but there is a impending doom that you can’t shake. You are waiting for everything to change knowing that in all honestly it doesn’t have to but knowing that it isn’t this cheerful and positive show that it feels like you are watching.

What is Fav really up to? He’s gone from being a cute mascot to a sadistic ass hole. He has no emotions or anything and just relays information to the girls and that information is never positive but he just doesn’t care. Its all a matter of fact to him.

Its what makes the series so exciting! That feeling of not really knowing what is going on, having that cold yet cute antagonist that you can’t really get to grips with and that feeling of dread and waiting for everything to turn on its head. Its a great way to build up drama.


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