Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : New Character!

Episode 5

“Shin Kyara o Tsuikashimashita!”(新キャラを追加しました!)

It didn’t take long for this game of survival to become a fight between the Magical Girls. Who survives has little to do with how good a Magical Girl you are but just how smart you can be.

New Character isn’t just a hint that we’d finally meet the 16th Magical Girl (now the 14th seeing two others died?) but that we’d get to meet a whole bunch of existing characters and get to know them a little better.

I like that a line has been drawn in the sand and people are falling on either side. Magicaloid loved the compliment that she was just as bad as Calamity Mary after telling her how she’d exploited Sister Nana. The two of them are making a business of being Magical Girls. Surprisingly, though I’m not sure why I’m surprised, Cranberry is also on that side. Unlike those two she seems to have been put up to attacking and eliminating people in game by Fav who tries to get her to eliminate Sister Nana before she ruins the game. Cranberry seems determined to play the game in the way she wants. It surprised me because for some odd reason I thought she’d be nice, after her conversation with Fav about what happens to people when they lose their powers I probably shouldn’t have been too surprised that she wasn’t nice.

Then you have Swim Swim failing to live up to Ruler’s example. She knows that her group only have a chance if they continue to steal candies but knows also that she’s going to have to come up with a better plan overall, yet unlike Ruler she doesn’t really know what to do, if you ranked how “close” to the line people are, as in the further away the more bad you are, then I’d say Swim Swim and her group are standing right on the line. I don’t think they are inherently bad, they don’t seem to be very grown up and know they are pretty useless so go for underhand tactics to survive but are more likely to sway to good then either Cranberry, Mary or Magicaloid.

On the other side of the line you don’t have just as varied good guys as the bad guys. Ripple and Top Speed just don’t want to die, they probably stand closest to the line like Swim Swim and her group. They haven’t done anything dodgy yet to stay alive but I have a feeling they might play dirty if they get worried. The other four are as far out from the line as Mary and Cranberry are on their side. Weiss and La Pucelle I’d say were closer to the line on their own but they are only really there to protect their partners and Sister Nana and Snow White are the purest of the pure.

You then have Hardgore Alice who has by far the coolest name and looks like she could go either way. She could very easily be a depressed person who obsessed over Snow White. You play the game not knowing that is how you turn into one, play as the person you see yourself as or want to be and get turned into your Avatar when seen to be ideal for the job. I think the name and the look automatically makes her look and feel like a bad guy but I’d be interested in seeing it flipped around. She seems obsessed with Snow White so it could either be a fan or else someone who feels they haven’t been helped by her.

The episode gave you a taste of all the characters  really. Every single one was on screen at one point or the other. We got a bunch more real life information on Sister Nana and Weiss (real life partners) as well as seeing how Snow White views her relationship with La Pucelle in real life. A hint of sad stories behind Ripple’s frosty exterior and something keeping Top Speed alive for at least 6 months. The first thing that popped into my head was that she was probably pregnant but as that sounds silly I then thought maybe she has cancer, THEN I realised that if she did she wouldn’t hold onto life at the expense of completely healthy people so went back to pregnant. Who knows. If we thought Ruler and co were bad then it was nothing compared to Calamity Mary and Magicaloid or Cranberry. Whilst I think it was explained that the jobs they work probably will keep Mary and Magicaloid safe for the majority of the game I don’t know if Cranberry is even playing the same game. She’s all for just eliminating people and said she doesn’t care about candies. Whether that is because Fav will give her candies for eliminating people or she just manages to have enough anyway so can go about her own personal business without worrying about candies it isn’t explained. What is known is that she’s bloody dangerous.

Even the bad guys, the more you know about them the less likely you are to want them to be defeated. Such a interesting and diverse group of characters that I wish it wasn’t a survival game in such a brutal way. Still a extremely interesting episode.


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