Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku : Add More Friends!

Episode 4

“Furendo o Fuyasō!” (フレンドを増やそう!)

Will the plot to steal Snow White’s candy work or not?

If you didn’t already know that Snow White is about the only real Magical Girl then this episode just proved it once more.

We got a feel of the person that Ruler is. She’s not a easy person to like in real life but seems to be a good business woman. Problem is that she doesn’t know how to present herself and is every bit as arrogant and haughty in reality as she is as a Magical Girl. She finds everyone around her to be idiots. For some reason this made her a ideal Magical Girl and she got the power to make people do as she wants.

Thing is all she did in the episode before was try and help her team survive. You could see by her internal monologue that regardless of what she called them she cared enough she didn’t want any of them to be the one to be deleted. Obviously she never knew how to talk to people and she acted like having friends was a weakness which made people less then likely to want to be around her. Her minions were there for whatever reason they were but the only one that truly cared for her was Swim Swim and that is purely because Swim Swim seems to be a rather young girl obsessed with princesses, which is what Ruler looked and acted like.

So when Nemu went into her dreams and told her that she too could be the Princess she realised there was only one way to do that.

To get rid of Ruler.

Their plan goes well. The Twins and Tama don’t really do much but they get La Pucelle away long enough for Swim Swim to get half of Snow White’s candies, she then goes about splitting them between everyone other then Snow White (who she knew was safe), La Pucelle (who I guess she guessed would be alright) and Ruler. When the time came Ruler was the one to die leaving the group with Swim Swim as their leader.

Ripple seems smart enough to realise that is what happened and probably much smarter then Top Speed as she is against them teaming up with Nana.

Its actually much worse then what Ruler did because its sneaky. Whilst Ruler had a full frontal attack the others did it in such a way that Ripple is right. Who is truly going to trust anyone else when they find out just what those guys did? Sure they might have saved someone else from being the one deleted but it proves you can’t trust anyone.

I found it a nice touch that it kind of all circled around on itself. The only reason that Swim Swim felt the way she did was because Nemu was trying to help her and so on.

By the end of the episode the new Magical Girl showed up so it’ll be interesting to see how she fits in, it isn’t totally fair that she’s missed two of the weeks though then again I guess it was unfair to hire her then decide to kill everyone off as well, she’s not used to the job so she’s at a unfair advantage. Everyone is at a unfair advantage with Snow White going off to help the world.

The other thing I found interesting in this episode is once more the depiction of Calamity Mary.

I will only say this once more if I’ve said it before, if not then just this one time, I don’t like what she is wearing. It isn’t about modesty or anything like that but she could have been such a badass yet her outfit is so stupid. The image of her guzzling what looked like Jack Daniels with it rolling down her face was so absolutely cool that I can’t help but think if they made her look real cool she’d be such a awesome character. Instead I can’t help but think someone is just doing sexy Woody cosplay.

Calamity Mary is going to be the big unknown in all this. She seems to like to cause trouble, we don’t really have a indication of just where the others are in these rankings so is she going to ever be in a troublesome position to come out of her dark corner and start making trouble for others or would she just do it anyway? It’ll be interesting to see.



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