Death Note : Pursuit

Episode 4

“Tsuiseki” (追跡)

We ended the previous episode with Light being offered a Shinigami’s eyes for the price of only half his remaining life span. Will he agree with such a steep price?

Light is no fool. I think Ryuk underestimates just how confident Light is in his own abilities. Light is doing what he is doing so he can rule over the perfect world, free of the rot that is setting in, as a god. Giving away half his remaining life span is not going to help him, even if it makes his job easier.

What I find so interesting about Light is that he doesn’t think inside the box. Whereas the majority of characters are thinking in straight lines, Light’s thought process is attacking that line at all angles. To figure out who is following him he’s well aware that he needs to test the limits of what the Death Note can achieve. After all if you write a cause of death instead of just a name you have up to 6 minutes and 40 seconds to specify the way they die. He uses this knowledge to test out just how much he can control people up to the point of death.

L himself also thinks like this so easily see’s what Light is doing. When he’s told of the strange way some prisoners were killed he was automatically able to figure out that he’s testing what power he has.

The test proves that Light is able to have people write notes, draw things or go to certain places but it has to be reasonable and something that the person would know themselves. Light can’t force them to write a note about L or Kira, he can’t make them transport somewhere they physically won’t be able to get to but knowing that he has some control means he can put big elaborate plans into action.

Two things annoyed me about both L and Light in the episode. Though I’m pretty sure its deliberate on both characters parts.

First was Lights idea that he HAS to kill the FBI agent following him. Funny enough the FBI agent had pretty much decided that Light was innocent before the plot came about and leaving a trail of bodies seems silly to me. The FBI agent was relaxed and convinced enough that Light was innocent that he gave his name to Light without really hesitating.

The other was L’s whole FBI thing anyway. L seems to know a lot more then he’s telling the police force so why the hell not point out that it would be best for them to have fake names? It might not be legal but when fighting a criminal like Kira it seems safer to assume that fake names would protect people. Instead they left the agents with their IDs intact which means that Light now knows one of their names.

The elaborate plot to find the name was great. It adds so much more to the Death Note. You always knew that Light could kill people however they want but he now knows that he can make a whole show of their deaths.

It also made me question why he didn’t have more people die from violent or accidental deaths, or even suicides.

Light’s moral stance might be simplistic but I have a feeling the guy wants to be seen. In reality I doubt a outbreak of criminals having heart attacks would truly do anything but raise a few eyebrows and wonder whether there is some kind of disease going around that could stop a heart. Now the reasoning behind him killing people the same seems to be so people know that he’s Kira but was that always his plan?

I dunno. He’s a very interesting character to watch though.

Also I have to give it to the man that he’s a little one giant ass hole. I loved that he dropped a page out of the Death Note on the floor for the highjacker to pick up so the guy actually had to come face to face with Ryuk. It was funny that he just didn’t listen to a word that Ryuk said, if he had he probably wouldn’t have freaked out so much, though then again that was really all to do with Light and his intricate plot written in the Death Note more then anything.

Its safe to say that Light is entertaining Ryuk.


2 thoughts on “Death Note : Pursuit”

  1. Light killing the FBI agents was definitely a bad move. It essentially is what gives L any kind of grounds for suspecting him. While L may have figured it out anyway, he would have had a much harder time proving it to any degree without that piece of the puzzle.

    1. Indeed! It was a interesting character moment for Light as it was so out of character not to think logically. To that point everything had been logic based with Light and even more so moral based. Not only did this pinpoint him to an extent but it showed that maybe his morals weren’t as tight as he thought.

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