One Piece : Vinsmoke Sanji

Chapter 843

So Cracker has been defeated? Onward to Sanji then.

I very much wish it hadn’t been as easy to find Sanji…

Luffy has sent Cracker flying right back to Big Mom so the city is well aware that Luffy is on his way and he’ll also be seen as a big threat seeing he defeated one of the commanders. I quite like that it wasn’t on pure skill either but team work, I didn’t really want the team to be strong enough to defeat a Yonko or their crew, I don’t know why but I just didn’t for whatever reason, and the fact he could only defeat him was to eat all his biscuits made the win better for me. Only going to make their job harder though.

We found out that Big Mom can control the weather, I’m beyond being surprised at what that woman can and can’t do. Somewhere down the line in this story I feel we’re going to really see something with Big Mom. I mean I was expecting it because obviously she’s a Yonko and the first we’re going to see in action but its got to the point that my expectations have already been smashed and I think its going to be totally mental.

It was the reunion of Sanji and Luffy that was really the story of this chapter.

Of course with the cuffs still attached to Sanji’s wrists I never thought he’d run into the sunset with Luffy but he seems to be trying to push Luffy away. He gets all high and mighty on Luffy acting like this is what he wants. Of course we know that he’s doing it to get rid of Luffy and save his hands but it only angers Luffy.

Now the fight these two could possibly have would be something else entirely. We’ve never seen the Monster Trio go at it and its always been something a lot of people, myself included, squabble about. Is Luffy really the strongest or could those two hold their own with him, I think personally even if they couldn’t beat him just hanging with him for any amount of time would be impressive as sure they have their skills which to some equal out Luffy’s Devil Fruit but personally it doesn’t equal out the Devil Fruit for me because being able to kick people really hard is no where near the same thing.

Thing is I don’t think they will fight mainly because even when angry Luffy only fights when he has to. I mean I might be remembering it wrong but he only fought Usopp because he had to and he never really wanted too. I think we’re in for something a bit different.

I loved how the chapter got right inside Sanji’s head and let us actually see the thought process that got us to this point. Not that we needed it as it wouldn’t be a big jump to imagine ourselves in Sanji’s shoes to be honest. It was just extremely sad. Understandable but sad.


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