One Piece : The Enraged Army

Chapter 845

Luffy is refusing to move from the spot that Sanji left him in and a army is on its way to teach him a lesson. Sanji himself heads towards his fate and it isn’t looking pretty…

Honestly I loved this chapter a lot, I loved hearing Sanji talk from the heart and tell Pudding exactly how much the people who saved his life from Zeff to Luffy means to him. I loved that Luffy not only kept his promise but refused to even lie on his back when the rain came as he knew it wasn’t water and he wouldn’t let it pass his mouth. Everything about it was just perfect.

Then I worried.

For a start Luffy tired himself out fighting Cracker and whatever strength he regained by processing the biscuits he’d been eating must have been lost to the attacks from Sanji. Now I’m pretty sure Big Mom’s army is out there to kill Luffy and its full of her Commanders and seemingly helped by her storm. We see at the end of the chapter that Luffy is already fighting them because he refused to move so does this mean that Luffy is somehow going to defeat them all or that instead of killing him off right there and then they’ll drag him back to Big Mom? I can see her wanting to torture him before he dies by making him watch Sanji get married off but how could someone become a Yonko and be so stupid?! I mean the Homies might not be able to hurt Nami with Big Mom’s Vivre Card but I honestly don’t see why they’d save them so if that happens it would be a bit off, then again Pond seem’s to have disappeared so there is a possibility he finds someone to help.

I’m just not sure with it at the moment.

Then there is Pudding. There is always Pudding. I still don’t like her. The more we see of Big Mom the more you see that some people are actually really lovely. The daughter with Aladdin seems lovely plus obviously you have Lola but I just can’t help but dislike and distrust Pudding. She’s just TOO perfect.

I mean in this episode she has just enough knowledge to spit it out and then be shocked because she didn’t know that it had happened to Sanji (the cuffs) and then later said they were going to be married and had that whole speech that just felt designed to make Sanji, the gentleman that he is, give his safety to her. She’d just heard him talking about his Saviours and how one of them right now has a army marching to kill him and then gave this sob story about how she can’t fill that gap in his heart…

It could just be me being a cynical and romanceless bore but it just is too perfect.

Getting Luffy to the island safe, not showing up to help him, being honest with Sanji and all the stuff she knows and then being the perfect person to get under Sanji’s armour. It feels too contrived. I’m probably wrong and Pudding might be the best thing for Sanji and they might get married and Sanji still escapes or Pudding comes with them or even just Sanji stays betrothed to her or something. I can see this giving him a completely different attitude to women in general, I hope so as its the only part of his personality that really bugs me, but at the same time I just can’t trust her.

Sanji has put his trust in her though. He doesn’t want the people he loves to get hurt anymore so he’s going to turn his back on them and continue with the wedding to hope that they can all leave without getting hurt anymore. That just ain’t going to happen Sanji… It will never happen.


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