One Piece : Luffy vs Sanji

Chapter 844

As the title says we’re in for a emotional chapter as Sanji tries to send Luffy packing.

Just of course it doesn’t work.

I didn’t think that Luffy would want to stand up against Sanji and fight him, he’s not the kind of person who would want to do that. Luffy is smart, he might do stupid things but he knows people. He seems simplistic but he actually see’s people for who they are and just approaches them the same way he’d approach anyone. He’s known Sanji long enough to know the words Sanji was speaking were false, Nami on the other hand couldn’t see through it. I mean I personally don’t get it, I’m pretty sure that Nami would have seen through it but apparently not.

To be honest I teared up the second Luffy said that the harder Sanji kicked him it wasn’t him that was in pain it was Sanji, it broke my heart because its so very true. Its the same as the Usopp fight in that they all know each other so well and just standing against their family breaks their heart so when they have to do it you know its for a very serious reason. Usopps love of the Going Merry and now Sanji’s own survival. After all Luffy is on a hunger strike now until Sanji feeds him but how is Sanji going to do that if he disobeys his father and has his hands blown off? I’m still pretty sure that the mechanics behind it will see Sanji dead anyway, those collars aren’t going to remove a hand precisely its going to destroy the whole arm its attached too and most of the rest of the body that is in close quarters with it.

The chapter then went on to one of the most heartbreaking moments so far.

Luffy admitting he’ll never be the Pirate King without his crew.

Its always the other way around. All his crew always talk about how they want to make him the Pirate King and how he will be the Pirate King but the simple fact is he needs those people helping him to get there and Luffy of all people knows that. He doesn’t think he’ll become the Pirate King on his own, he doesn’t even think he’d do it with a army like the one he could call upon at any time. No Luffy KNOWS he needs the crew he’s been able to bring together in his adventure. He needs the best Swordsman, the best Navigator, the best Chef and so on. He won’t be Pirate King unless he’s got his crew.

We’ve had a few really big stories recently building up to this point where a lot of people were at risk, what this story has done is refocus once more on the crew itself. We had the story of how they become a crew, we’ve seen how they got to this point where Luffy has a whole bunch of pirates sworn to him. Its therefore really effective to bring the story back to the fundamentals. One Piece has always been the story of Luffy and his crew and what made me fall in love with that story to begin with was seeing how that crew was built. Putting Sanji in danger after the story that brought him to crew in the first place reminds us that the crew themselves aren’t invincible. They can be split up, they can be put against each other, there are still things in all of their pasts that the others don’t know about and can’t protect them from. Its made a lot of people realise that we don’t know much about the back, backstory of Zoro and there is still a lot of stories that could come out about Robin and so on and so forth. It reminds you that there are still dangers that could personally effect the crew, it isn’t all going to be about going out there and saving islands and vast groups of people, it can in fact still have the very small and personal stories that only effect the crew themselves.

Personally I find them the most gripping because you care about the crew more then you ever really will care about big groups of characters. I’m more worried about Sanji then I ever was about the birdcage that Doffy had created.

This will go down as one of the saddest chapters.

Though there is also a slight positive if anything. I think the soldiers of Germa 66 have a new found respect for Sanji which could go in his favour. Maybe not and I don’t think his brothers and sister or father really seem to realise just how much more power Sanji could muster when his actual family are in danger. He didn’t go full out on his dad and he didn’t go full out on Luffy but when the time comes he’s going to destroy his so called family.


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