Death Note : Dealings

Episode 3

“Torihiki” (取引)

The Death Note gives Light the chance to pretty much instantly kill people without leaving any kind of hint that it was even murder. Just the amount of criminals being killed by heart attacks left the police and ICPO questioning whether or not someone WAS behind these attacks and by the end of the second episode a unseen detective hiding in the shadows hadn’t just proved it but figured out what region Light was in and given himself clues as to how he worked.

The fight between L and Light has begun.

That battle continues this episode. It started with a great recap of everything that the police know and all the information they have been gathering which I really enjoyed. I don’t know why but it was just so interesting to watch them talking it through.

L then once more was one step ahead of everyone. Using the time of deaths as a pattern he was able to figure out that Kira was possibly a student. Later on in the episode when the time of deaths start to change he realises that Kira must be able to hack into the police network.

Its hard to figure out whether L is intrigued or frustrated with Kira but he see’s that he has a worthy foe.

The police themselves aren’t stupid. They are able to figure out from the tasks L gives them that its obvious that Kira needs to know what you look like and possibly your name to kill you. Three of them resign in the episode and prove that Light’s attempts to confuse and upset the working relationship between the task force and L.

In fact Light as well as wanting to be a God of a cleansed world has now moved on to enjoying playing this game against L.

His father is the police commissioner so he is able to log into his fathers files easily enough, he see’s that they are starting to think about the possibility of it being a student so sets up another challenge for L. He wants L to not trust the police and the police not to trust L.

Light and Ryuk also have a good talk telling us where they both stand.

Ryuk confirms he’s not on anyone’s side. He’s there to observe but he won’t tell Light anything that he doesn’t want to tell him. He informs him that he’s being followed but that is about it. He gives Light some information on the difference between them, the fact that if Ryuk wrote a humans name in his Death Note he’d take all their remaining life span for himself but Light doesn’t take their life span.

All this led up to the point Ryuk was actually making.

He has a deal for Light as the other difference between them is that Ryuk’s eyes let him see someones name and their lifespan above them making it easier for them to put names in a Death Note. For only half of Light’s remaining lifespan Ryuk will give him the eyes of a Shinigami.

You are left with this cliffhanger. Will Light agree or not?

On one hand he’d be able to add anyone he wants to the Death Note, it would make defeating the guy following him AND L if he ever came face to face with him easy. Then again Light doesn’t know how long he has to live, what if his natural lifespan is only a few months? No matter how long it is it’ll be half of what it should be, who would give their life up for that?

L’s words rang in my ears when thinking about whether he’d take them or not. He’s childish and see’s the world in such a simplistic way. He doesn’t actually have any morals, he thinks he does but he doesn’t. He’s willing to kill people standing in his ways for his highly simplistic reasoning. So for me it wouldn’t surprise me if he did turn around and agree to the deal. It would make his life easier. I’d be disappointed if he did though as I think he’s a pretty intelligent guy and if he gave up his eyes for something so small I’d have to rethink that.

Personally he seems to be having too much fun. Its all a game to him.

Its interesting listening to L profile him because you find yourself agreeing with him and then looking at Light and realising that you never put to words the flaws in his character. He’s so put together and intelligent. His views on morality are simplistic but I don’t think we can really call them childish, most people deep down think if you get rid of the evil of the world it’ll be a better place. Most people wouldn’t then do what Light did but a lot of GOOD people honestly DO believe that something like this isn’t going to be the worst outcome. Its the same with things like the Death Penalty, people agree with it without seeing the irony of punishing someone for the worst crime imaginable with the…. worst crime imaginable. The whole “every life is important and if you choose to take one you don’t deserve it” is flawed on the simplistic notion that someones worth is measured simply by one action.

So I personally don’t think Light is childish in his views just merely human.

It is true though that when someone has the power over another human then it corrupts. Even the smallest amount of power can be enough. You see it in everyday life. A manager who knows that their employees have to do as they say so delegate all the jobs they don’t want to do onto them whether its fair or not, partners who know their other half will do just about anything for them so ask for the world on a plate and hold their love hostage if their demand isn’t met… Light has the most important power, he has the power to kill anyone just by knowing their name. Therefore it isn’t surprising that he will look at killing people he knows nothing about as unimportant. He’s gone past being reasonable about things and is going to take everyone he has to down.

I would not like to be on the wrong side of Light.


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