Yonderland : Elders 11

Yonderland returned last week introducing a brand new threat to the land whilst smartly trying to remove Debbie from the picture.

Will the new plot work? Will Debbie really be able to say goodbye to Yonderland?

Actually she might just be able to one day but this day is not it. After a emotional ceremony to say goodbye to the people she’d spent so long saving, including another go at Thank You Debbie, she’s all ready to move on with her life, even buying up train tickets to go see Pete in Glasgow.

Thankfully for them all Cuddly Dick’s plan takes immediate effect and as soon as the portal has been closed behind Debbie he goes about turning the favour of Yonderland against the Elders who he depicts as having gone against the wishes of the people and evicted The Chosen One. Also thankfully for the Elders is that Elf actually was paying attention and comes to their aid even if Nick is stolen in the process.

The rest of the episode is the perfect Yonderland Heist episode as they go about stealing Nick back so that they can open up portals and have Debbie help them.

So many great moments in the episode and I really enjoyed seeing the Elders get out and do their thing. I’ve always loved them as a group and it was fun seeing them interact and show off a little of what made them Elders. As you can guess in Yonderland it isn’t much but it is hilarious. For me my favourite Elder will always be Vice-Elder Flowers, Simon Farnaby is probably my favourite of the group (as you can tell by my love of Negatus) and its always fun when he finally gets to cast off his cumbersome robe and get down to something silly. This time out his special power had me on the floor in giggles and was made even better by Elder Pressley’s reaction when telling Debbie not to look directly at it then doing so himself.

It was fast paced and highlighted the Elders perfectly. Cuddly Dick is the perfect Yonderland villain because he’s so lovable and a step ahead of the rest of them that he confuses the poor souls. The problem now is he knows he has to fight Debbie and he’ll be doing so in the same vein.

Whilst the Elders are making themselves at home in Debbie’s attic, Cuddly Dick has invited all the bad guys to come stay in the Elders tower. This of course gives us new reasons to love, hate and sympathise with Negatus who is treated as the bumbling baffoon that he is by Cuddly Dick and basically turned into the cleaner. It’ll be interesting to see his role in all this because whilst a bit on the thick side he’s also self absorbed and I can’t see him staying with Dick and trying to impress him for long. He could be the thorn in Dick’s side if they don’t realise how shallow the man can be, plus he’ll miss his minions before long. I already miss Jeff.

Possibly my favourite Yonderland episode so far. It had me in fits of giggles 99% of the way through the other 1% I was in tears at Elf saying goodbye to Debbie. This is gearing up to be the best season to date.


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