Ash vs Evil Dead : DUI

The legend of Ashy Slashy has just grown ten fold with the events in Last Call. Ash’s actions and the witnesses that saw what they saw are going to surely make life even more difficult for him.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d have ever seen the scenerio where Ash was the most sensible person in a situation but we get to see it this time out, if only to see him as the less drunk of him and childhood best friend Chet.

The episode started where it ended with Ash sad over the death of his father and trying to scope his brains back into his head, it isn’t long before the possessed Delta comes for them though totally destroying Ash’s fathers remains and taking Pablo, who had decided he was going to be braver and go head first into problems instead, and then going off into the distance.

Pablo’s premonitions are getting weirder, the prolonged one with Ash I guess is setting up for him to really not believe what he see’s in front of him. After all he trusts Ash and in the dream he trusted Ash and it was very obvious that he shouldn’t be trusting that Ash and seeing what he see’s its going to be hard to trust anyone. I love how he seemed to take the majority of being stuck in the car in his stride though even finding time to introduce himself to Lacey.

As for Kelly and Ruby they have gone from Ash vs Evil Dead to some sort of Predator/Aliens movie thing. Armed to the teeth they go in search for Ruby’s children and in a run down cellar find one. It was actually pretty damn creepy looking and some good jump scares as the lights on the gun blink on and off giving them a chance to disappear and reappear. They work well as a team though and I’m actually happy that Pablo and Ash ended up together and Kelly and Ruby.

You’d always think that it might be good to learn from others mistakes, the fact that they got in this mess because people read from the book makes me wonder why Pablo would then read something from the book when the book asked him to. He threw it into the bowls of hell which is possibly the worst place for it seeing these things were coming from hell.

Right now its going to be great to see the fall out of the nights work. We’ve learnt that Baal is seductive and the whole town is already terrified of Ash so it isn’t like he’s going to struggle to find a way to get people on his side as long as he doesn’t look like a Demon. There is a lot of explaining to be done and I doubt that even having Lacey witness it all is going to help Ash. I feel its going to be a very different second half to this series.


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