American Horror Story Roanoke : Chapter 7

With all the Millers and their reenactors in the house once more what will happen to the group over the period of the blood moon?

If we ever thought we’d get two seconds to just watch the group or learn anything about them then we were obviously crazy. The episode starts killing people and continues to kill them at a scary pace.

Agnes (Kathy Bates) is at her complete best as she terrorizes the Millers and the actors who are just getting over the fact that Rory is gone. Her monologue to the camera and her explanation to Shelby were so emotional. The Millers were wonderful. Lee (Adina Porter) continues to try and prove herself and her and Monet (Angela Bassett) being left in the woods with the very over emotional Audrey (Sarah Paulson) was one of the most dramatic yet hilarious moments of the series. Audrey’s very own Blair Witch moment and “Best months of my life” speech had me in fits of laughter. Shelby (Lily Rabe) is also on fire in this episode as she slowly has a mental breakdown.

I guess with there only being three episodes left and the final one meaning to be completely different once more we had to guess that the group would start dropping like flies but I didn’t think it would be in such a gory and cruel way. Anything that happened in the reenactment is nothing compared to what happened in this episode.

The real Edward Mott did not look a happy ghost but apparently sticks to his tunnel so we might never get much more from him. The real Butcher on the other hand was amazing, totally stunning to see and killed off her imposter without a second thought. Then you have the Motts. The group of Lee, Monet and Audrey get caught by the real life Polks and if you thought that Frances Conroy had done a creepy job of Mama Polk then you just wait till you see Robin Weigert as the actual Mama Polk. When we were told that Finn Wittrock would be playing his most fucked up character (and remembering he was Dandy Mott) it isn’t hard to see that being true just getting a small glimpse of the Polks in this episode. I guess what I really love about all the reality stuff though is that its just so much more damn creepy. Whereas the reenactors looked like any old horror movie ghosts with some cool effects added on top these were the kind of ghosts that actually do terrify the crap out of people in movies.

For me the series has been a slow burn, it started to gather speed when the reenactment started to pick up but I never thought it would go up yet another gear like it did this time. It took all the best and worst parts of the hidden footage genre and used them well. Unlike most in the genre when they start running and all we see is floor or sky and I get bored in this episode it actually made me worried about whomever it was being chased and made me anxious to have the cameras back up so I could see what was happening.

Who will live? I still think Lee has a chance, she’s the first up to be cooked by the Polks but all we saw was her having a fork stabbed into her leg after it had been seasoned, if Shelby can be slashed down the back by the Butcher and still be able to swing a crowbar at full force I’m sure Lee will survive that. In general in AHS Paulson tends to survive and as she’s such a pathetic character there could be a chance she gets out or Monet. In fact I see more of a survival chance for those with the Polks who are fighting real people then those that now have to face the true Butcher and her ghostly friends.

Its very obvious that there is no point guessing any more and if either Lee or Shelby do get out and this footage has been found I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in prison or a mental asylum in episode 10, though I’m still going for this all being fake.


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