Zapped : Mr Charisma

I wasn’t too sure on the first episode of Zapped but decided to give it another go. Will Brian ever get home? Will Barbara ever predict anything? Will anything Howell does ever go right? We shall see!

Happily the second episode was a big improvement on the first. I really enjoyed the first as I said at the time but I felt it didn’t know what to do.

I still find Brian (James Buckley) to be quite a bland character. Its the way the natives react to him that makes the scenes so good but he might as well not be there at times. I feel he hasn’t really got that much of a character. Sometimes he’s gobby and cocky, other times he’s sympathetic and relatable. He goes from being bewildered by his surroundings to accepting it from scene to scene. I like that he’s closer to the rest of the characters but there was no real progression to that in the first episode and none in the second. Whilst I loved his story in the episode of going to get the Charisma potion from Howell and then using it on the Fairies it was the characters around him that really made those scenes and not him. Especially Hawthorn (Ricky Grover) who was the best in the episode. It was so effortless for him to go from big mean fairy to being charmed by Weaver back to being big mean fairy. He didn’t miss a beat.

Everyone had something to do in the episode and was egged on by Herman (Louis Emerick) and Howell (Paul Kaye) who are two of the funniest men you’ll ever see. Howell continues to be my absolute favourite as every scene with him is hilarious and you just can’t take your eyes off him whenever he’s on screen. Herman goes about his business with that knowing smile on his face and you just know the man has seen it all. I loved when he was helping Brian keep the arrow so that Steg could attach the note to it and after they’d let go he just stood there hugging Brian.

You couldn’t help but feel sorry for poor Barbara (Sharon Rooney) who went out of her way to try and join the Seer’s Guild just not to get a interview. To be fair to her before anyone had mentioned or even thought about Fish she’d predicted the day would have something to do with Fish. I felt bad for her that Brian was quite mean to her when she lied about getting into the Seers guild, obviously he was upset because he’d lost the Charisma potion and the little misdirection was funny but it was just mean.

Then there is Steg (Kenneth Collard) who puts a ad in the local loney hearts page and ends up dating a Demifin called Lorelei (Kathryn Drysdale) who ends up being turned into a fish by Howell at the end. Why anyone would trust Howell I don’t know!

Personally I thought episode 2 of Zapped was hilarious, it had so many laugh out loud moments and proved that I’d already made a connection with all these characters, apart from Brian. I really cared about their stories. Zapped if anything has a wonderful cast with perfect timing, they have some very funny moments but I always like it best when they are all together. This episode took it up the step it needed and I think it worked really well.



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