Red Dwarf XI : Can of Worms

This seasons finale is upon us, sadly it means saying goodbye to Red Dwarf one more time (until next year at least!) but can the finale live up to the rest of the season?

I liked the episode, it wasn’t one of my favourites from the series but I really liked it. It didn’t end the series on a bang yet it didn’t just fizzle out either. It was a good old fashioned, fun filled adventure that went from funny to crazy to hilarious.

You might have noticed that so far this year I don’t really talk about Danny John-Jules as The Cat much and that is because I feel even though he’s had some of the best lines and moments (Samsara conversation with Lister for example) he’s been in the background a lot more then usual. In fact this series if anything really brought Rimmer and Kryten to the front and whilst Lister and Cat have had many fun moments they haven’t been left to shine as much as the other two. At least for The Cat this episode remedied that giving him one of the funniest stories so far this season. Lister lost his kidneys, Rimmer became a Officer, Kryten had a midlife crisis but it was The Cat having Polymorph babies that topped it all off nicely.

Some really brilliant moments including Lister falling asleep whilst navigating and not being woken up by the red alert alarm, telling Cat about the vampire Gelphs that only drink the blood of virgins, Cat’s description of his sexy time with the Polymorph that he thought was a female Cat and of course the dream sequence that ended it all.

One thing I always love about the series is the reaction the crew have to everything. Kryten’s reaction after the ultrasound, his face was priceless! Rimmer pacing the hallway as the Polymorph babies were born, the Cat’s face through all of that scene was perfect as well.

I did feel like the personality machine was underused and would be a perfect piece of equipment to bring back at a later date for a strange and wonderful story. I felt like at first it was building up to something epic with Lister when they took his emotions away and he just heartlessly killed the Polymorph Cats but then it kind of was forgotten when all the Polymorph’s showed up and Lister went along with the plan of going to be X-Rayed instead of just shooting everything. I also felt the dream sequence at the end was funny but the episode could have done without it and ended with the dramatic “a mother always knows her babies” line from Cat.

A great way to end what has been one of my favourite Red Dwarf seasons of all time. It was just fun and crazy from beginning to end with some wonderful dialogue between the characters. It just let the chemistry between them bubble away and it all turned out OK in the end. Its sad that this is the end because it has truly been a great series. Can’t wait for series XII.

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