Crazyhead : A Pine Fresh Scent

What lies ahead for Raquel and Amy in the second episode who knows but it sure isn’t going to get better for them.

Again I feel like the series has really truly gotten the balance between comedy and action really well. Whilst Raquel (Susan Wokoma) and Amy (Cara Theobold) continue to kick ass whilst having their moments they have some help to really boost the comedy with the likes of Amy’s friend Jake (Lewis Reeves) who is the most bumbling moron on the show but the funniest cast member by far. Him sitting in the car singing along to the radio and completely ignoring what is happening around him was so perfectly done.

Callum (Tony Curran) ups the stakes and sends a group to sort out his problem with the two Demon Ass Kickers threatening his kind. This leads to us finding out much more about Raquel then we probably thought we’d learn including that she’s half Demon. After that was out of the way the tables were kind of turned on Raquel and Amy with Raquel worried about her Demon father who they had followed to save it was Amy’s turn to be asking questions and acting the fool. It was that kind of bonding moment that the two of them really needed.

It really took everything in episode 1 that made it great and ran with it. All episode long and all of the episode before it were perfectly paced and amazingly well timed. Just small moments slotting into place perfectly.

Personally I still think Wokoma makes the whole thing. She makes Raquel such a likeable character. A little bit out there but for understandable reasons, her getting upset after Amy calls her out for not being upset about Susan being dead and reminding Amy that she was trying to help and thought she would be friends with them was heartbreaking. Finding out that she’s half Demon and even the revelation that Callum seems to know all about her powers just makes her more sympathetic. All she wants is to belong and her life is so hectic and out there that she’s never been able to.

Every single character is brought to life wonderfully by a great cast. You like all of them.

It was a very jam packed with action and didn’t give you a second to breath or take in what was going on which helped really. It elevated the tension and made the reveals of Sawyer (Luke Allen-Gale) being Raquel’s demon daddy and his subsequent demise so much more powerful. It also heightened some of the funny moments from groanfest giggles to actual laugh out loud moments like Amy trying to keep the wonderful Tyler (Arinze Kene) in the bedroom or Amy kicking away the dead rabbit in anger over Raquel’s emotional break down towards it. The episode didn’t feel half as long as it actually was which always has the positive effect of leaving you wanting more. With a big twist at the end the third episode can’t come quick enough.


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