Ash vs Evil Dead : Last Call

Nothing ever gets easier in the life of Ash Williams. You never know what you are going to get every episode. So how are they going to find the Delta?

It was a extremely bittersweet episode. Whilst Ash’s general crazy ideas start to annoy Kelly that little bonding we saw in the previous episode is undone and she instead ends up turning to Ruby who is also fed up of Ash’s incompetency. It also see’s Ash’s father finally see the truth before coming to a messy end.

Ash’s plan isn’t to go looking for the car, which in turn would find the Necronomicon, after all as he said it seems to just show up all the time for him. Instead he starts a party hoping that the kids that stole his car would appear. It just doesn’t happen. Most of the reason it doesn’t happen is that the kids in the car find the Necronomicon and no one needs to have it explained what happens to those kids.

The episode really centers around the relationship Ash has with his dad. Of course unless you live it you aren’t going to believe such wild and stupid stories that Ash has lived through so his father would have a hard time believing that his daughter was killed not by Ash but by some Demons only Ash has seen. You see just how identical Ash is to his father. Seeing them fight it out on the bucking bronco was funny as hell and once more seeing Ash in the mindset of a teenager just makes me giggle.

Which is a point, I haven’t yet mentioned that Bruce Campbell is the funniest man on TV in this review so here it is. His delivery is so perfect. They used the flashbacks perfectly to have him start to cry over his missing car and the drinking game idea only really worked because it was him. His childlike attitude makes everything he does even funnier, when Pablo was giving him his big speech to get him to go and kill the Deadite that was about to kill his dad the fact that he’s so childlike makes Pablo’s absolute worship of him hilarious.

Whilst all the fun was going on with Ash and the others though there was a terrifying scene with the teens in the wood including Sheriff Emery’s daughter Lacey who gets trapped in the car which is killing her friends. A rather good balance between the serious story of them being killed and Ash throwing a party and being moody about his father. In the end the killer car even gets Ash’s father which is a real shame because they had great chemistry and I would have liked to see them work together a little. Its obvious that nothing good is ever going to happen to Ash though so I don’t know why I thought he’d be able to have a reunion with his dad and make up.

A great episode and even better that they got Ash to do a “Don’t do Katamine” thing at the end if you stayed for the end of the credits that is. The brain exploding was the icing on the cake.


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