Death Note : Confrontation

Episode 2

“Taiketsu” (対決)

With the concept of Death Notes burned into my mind we continue with the series.

It hasn’t taken long for Light to suddenly be found out.

Not his identity at the moment but his actions.

As he continues to do what he believes is right in cleansing the world the ICPO decide to turn to their secret weapon, a super detective called L. No one has ever seen his face or even know his name or where he comes from. He just is.

Love the character already though. You might have all guessed just how much I love detectives like L. Whether its Rampo in Bungou Stray Dogs, Akechi in Rampo Kitan or even just the famous Sherlock Holmes, I love how easy they make complicated things look and L is up there with the best. His plot to figure out where to look for whoever is behind the killings was great, maybe I’m just easily pleased but I was impressed. Using a secretly caught killer as his “face” on Japanese TV he was going to put out a live broadcast every so often across Japan to see if the killer, now nicknamed Kira by people on the streets, would strike. Falling for his trap Light kills the killer showing that not only can he kill without being around the person he’s killed but that there are others he can’t kill and that he’s in the Kanto region.

Such a simple ploy yet it narrowed the search down so much and gave L so many clues to what is going on.

Loved it.

L as a character obviously is a mystery, one I can’t wait to learn more about. He doesn’t seem to know about the Death Note but his mysterious living serves him well as to eliminate L Light needs to first find out his name and then what he looks like. It means neither are hiding or running away, Light believes in what he’s doing and will find L to stop him from stopping him and L isn’t going to stop till he’s stopped Light.

Light himself learns more about his Death Note, after finding out that whomever touches it, whether they own it or not, will be able to see Ryuk he comes up with an elaborate hiding place for the book. Not only is it hidden but its bobby trapped so if someone tried their hardest to get it then it would go up in smoke anyway. It was a really ingenious way of hiding it.

I can relate to Ryuk. It is very interesting to see what is unfolding in front of him.

For a start its interesting to see how Light excuses what he does and the changing of his personality and how the power corrupts him. Its then going to be a wild ride watching him go face to face with L.

For me the best part of the episode was seeing Light try and kill L.

Up to this point his whole reasoning behind what he does is that he’s defeating evil in the world. The power has made him decide that he’s going to be God but he rationalises it by saying that he’s making the world a safer place.

Then without a moments hesitation with the fear he’d be found out he attempted to kill someone that he not only didn’t have a clue about but who is only in his life right now because he’s trying to capture Light for murder. L as far as Light should be concerned is just as innocent of any crime as him.

It was the moment I loved because it was the moment that you can see the power has gotten to Light. You knew it anyway, the power to play God always corrupts, but before now he’d stuck to his only bad guys rule. Now he really is deciding who is worthy of life with no actual reasoning.

He’s right though as well. When asked the moral question of whether or not a criminal deserves to die you’d answer with of course not. Obviously morally no matter what the other person has done killing someone is still killing someone. Behind closed doors people are much more likely to decide whether they truly think someone deserves to die for the things they have done without worrying about morals. Whilst many people get on their high horses and demand anyone who thinks differently hang their head in shame for some people some crimes are just too horrible to think about and no punishment can be long enough for the crime committed. With the internet people do then, behind the anonymity the internet provides, egg on vigilantes.  It doesn’t even have to go as serious as killing someone, back along when the website designed to help people cheat on their spouses was hacked and the hackers said that they would reveal names people cheered them for it because without knowing a single thing about the people on this list as far as they are concerned what they did was wrong and they deserved punishment.

Humans strive off of judging others and wanting justice done.

Up until he tried to kill L that is exactly what Light was doing. The whole Kira website stuff was bound to happen even if it had just been a coincidence. It fuelled his ego and helped push him one step closer to crossing the line between “killing for a reason” and “just killing” so was just as dangerous as the Death Note itself.

Always in the background is Ryuk enjoying the view.


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