Crazyhead : A Very Trippy Horse

A new series on E4 I thought I’d give a chance. Amy comes off her meds and learns that instead of seeing hallucinations she actually is seeing demons.

Honestly I thought the opening sequence was perfect, set the scene and hooked me in personally. It introduced the craziness of Amy (Cara Theobold) and Raquel (Susan Wokoma) whilst also keeping it dark.

I really loved Wokoma as Raquel, she was slightly over the top but such a sweet character. I loved her talk to Amy, it was so to the point and she was so honest it was just nice. It was better then the big long explanations you get in these shows and just made me instantly love her character. In some ways their relationship reminded me of me and one of my friends, she was over the top and in your face yet the most honest and lovely person, like Raquel others might find her crazy and me the “normal” one but something about her just instantly made me like her. Whilst Amy doesn’t warm to Raquel as fast as I did to my friend you can see that kind of relationship bubbling away. Then again my friend didn’t have the job of telling me I can see demons either. It was just a instantly relateable relationship and automatically made you sympathetic to Raquel and Amy.

There were plenty of laugh out loud moments and a lot of jump scares. It hits the balance between the two perfectly and that is down to the chemistry the cast have. They just hit every joke perfectly to keep that slightly dramatic and crazy tone whilst making you laugh.

So many interesting characters and concepts introduced and the story was just wonderfully paced. It circled back on itself, starting with the beginning of the exorcism on one of Amy’s friends, skipping back to see how they got to that point then ended with the exorcism again. The story never got bogged down in any part of the story telling and there are plenty of things that went wrong for the unlikely duo that it is easy to see how their lives are going to now be turned completely upside down even taking away the threat of the demons.

As I said Susan Wokoma is absolutely amazing as Raquel and Cara Theobold is great as Amy. Whereas Raquel is used to what is happening to her and being seen as crazy Amy has to get used to this new world and by the end seemed to be coming into who she now is well. I think Theobold played it right and whilst I felt more sympathy and cared more for Raquel I don’t think its going to take long to warm fully to Amy. Tony Curran is the face of quite a nasty looking villain, I can’t wait to see how his character develops. I honestly paused for a moment until I realised it was the same man who played Vincent in Vincent and the Doctor, I really can’t wait to see more of him. Possibly the shining star of the support cast though is Arinze Kene as Raquel’s brother Tyler, his talk with Raquel when she was upset that she’d not made the impression she’d hoped on Amy was heartwarming and it was lovely to see that he obviously cares so much about his sister. I’m hoping no romance blooms between him and Amy but we’ll see.

Great get up for the demons too. As I said there were some actual really creepy looking demons in there and some great jump scares. Can’t wait to see the second episode.


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